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Inside 2018: doors open to innovation

This year, the 2018 edition of Biesse's much awaited Inside event, assumes an all-new tone in support of the renewal and evolution of those who work with wood. The open-house show dedicated to the wood industry is scheduled to take place from 17 to 24 October at the Pesaro campus.

7 days ‘behind the scenes’ of the company to experience digital transformation, automation of the factory and, to learn more about the latest trends in the sector. "Given the constant growing demand for participation among our clients, we decided to extend the duration of the event, allowing everyone the opportunity to visit the world of Biesse and experience the opportunities for growth that it offers. We promote, promulgate, and support the awareness among our clients of being a part of industry innovation, not only as users but as protagonists. The revolution of manufacturing processes that is currently underway must be harnessed, and no sector is immune to the changes taking place. All business owners must therefore contend with the incontrovertible need to rethink their production model. That's why we want to offer our clients the absolute best technological assets," declares Federico Broccoli, Director of the Wood/Sales Division & Director of the Branches Division

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In the 5000 sqm showroom visitors will be able to experience Biesse's most innovative technologies for wood processing, integrated with and supported by software and services for the automation and digitalisation of the factory. Over 30 machines dedicated to wood processing, 4 automated series in order to differentiate processes and production batches, and perfectly integrated digital software and services which respond to the sector's every need. Among the new developments on display this year is the latest technological development, like none other of its kind, the RAYFORCESYSTEM for the application of edgebanding strips to contoured panels. Its revolutionary nature is based on the fusion of a reactive layer with the use of an infrared lamp. Once again, the main highlights of the event will be the robotic systems for the handling of panels. Machines guided by software to manage the various needs, and able to carry out the work in predetermined times but always with the same standard of quality. Biesse is, furthermore, proud to demonstrate for its clients all of the features of SOPHIA, the service platform that simplifies and rationalises the management of work. The platform, on the market for just over a year, has been met with great interest and satisfaction and has received various awards for its innovative nature around the world. In the past eight months more than 1100 Biesse machines (work centres, CNC edge banding machines, and panel saws) have been sold with the SOPHIA packet.

Biesse Academy opening

Biesse, as always by its clients' side in order to provide them with the best opportunities for growth, has embraced the spirit of evolution that has taken over the modern era, understanding the need to focus its attention on changes in the market in order to respond with products and services that confirm its position as a leader in the sector. “We realised that in order to provide the best to our clients, we had to evolve ahead of and better than everyone else, intervening structurally on processes and projects and investing in research and development and in growth plans for human resources," states Stefano Calestani, Director of Biesse Service Innovation. Another important step in this ethos is the investment that the company is making in support of training and service careers. During the event, on 18 October, the Biesse Service Academy will open: the new training centre dedicated to the entire Biesse service network, including HQ and branch technicians as well as clients' operators/maintenance workers. The Academy's first objective is to promote the "Juniors", or rather all of the young men and women recently hired by the company (both HQ and branches) in the service field and who must rapidly acquire sufficient skills in order to be able to carry out technical interventions autonomously. "We are focusing on the creation of value, supporting the development of skills in the younger generation in ways that represent an important break from the past," asserts Calestani. The Academy's courses are an essential step in the growth of the talented individuals which the company is regularly hiring with the objective of strengthening its internal structure and services worldwide.

Our clients are the true protagonists of what we do and we are proud to be at their total disposition so as to make their visit to our campus a global and unique experience.
Raphaël Prati Director of Marketing and Communications for Biesse.​​​​​

Biesse has, furthermore, allocated part of its resources to the development of a new project dedicated to welcoming clients within the campus, based on a variety of high level services that include everything from technical and commercial support to the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the company's technologies and processes which support manufacturers. The 2018 edition of Inside promises to be one of the most important in Biesse's history, confirming the company's penchant for innovation with a focus on both its own as well as its clients continuous growth.

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