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Biesse Top Down Technology

Our edge banding machines do not stand alone; they are technologically equivalent to Biesse’s extremely successful line of CNC processing centres.
Pierluigi Tacchi Sales Director for Biesse Edge Banding
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Pierluigi Tacchi
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Giuseppe Serpentino

Biesse produce edge banding machines for all applications. Their design policy is to produce equipment for their most demanding customers, then filter those technologies down through their entire range. From large, automated plants to companies typical of the Australian cabinet industry, every Biesse edge bander carries the same proven technology.

Biesse Top Down Technology

Biesse came to the attention of the Australian Furniture industry when their first CNC machines were introduced in the early 1980’s. Their cost-effective; advanced technology, and easy-to-use equipment was a huge hit, particularly here and in the United States of America where the industry needed fast and efficient manufacturing while at the same time, maintaining a high-quality standard for small batch sizes produced ‘just in time.’

Biesse continually developed more efficient machines to meet the changing demands of various industries. At all times the top end of the industry was the initial target, with every other machine down to Biesse’s smallest models, benefitting from new technologies and developments. You get a lot more for your money with Biesse. While some suppliers created technologies for specific end users, Biesse developed solutions for the most demanding applications, then filtered those technologies down to their more affordable equipment.

In this way, Biesse customers are guaranteed equipment that meets the demands of the most challenging applications. In the 1990’s Biesse developed their first edge banding machines for high-volume manufacturing, and these were exported in great numbers around the World. From the very beginning, Biesse edge banding machines were developed with a focus on innovation and a continuous search for excellence to ensure their customers remain competitive.

Roberto Selci, son of Biesse Founder Giancarlo Selci recently said, “Innovation is our past, present and future. It is embedded into the group’s DNA. We innovate to bring new standards of technology to the market and to provide solutions that make work simpler for our customers.” Biesse edge banding machines have almost thirty years of history and innovation to call on, innovation aimed at the highest level of industry use, innovation now applied to every machine in the full range Biesse produce.

While only a few companies have been producing edge banding machines longer than 30 years, Biesse edge banders have benefitted from the group’s high-end technologies in other vital areas of furniture production such as CNC processing and panel cutting. The synergy between this diverse but focused range of equipment means Biesse edge banders are produced with proven, reliable technological components and features that guarantee long, trouble-free work with a consistent quality outcome.

The technology utilized in Biesse’s most advanced, million-dollar edge banding solutions is now applied to even their entry-level machines. The only visible difference is the speed of the machine and panels produced per shift. The techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of Biesse’s fastest, high-production edge banding machines is evident in every machine in the range. Pierluigi Tacchi is Sales Director for Biesse edge banding machines and said, “Our edge banding machines do not stand alone; they are technologically equivalent to Biesse’s extremely successful line of CNC processing centres.”

Over the last five to ten years Biesse have made huge inroads into the edge bander market and are now amongst the top three suppliers worldwide. Edge banders represent the biggest proportional growth within the group and to accommodate this growth, a new factory has just been completed in Italy to accommodate the additional demand. Here in Australia, more parts are available 24/7 with Sophia Parts to ensure downtime, should it ever occur, is kept to an absolute minimum.

Biesse offer a full range of edge banding solutions, from the single and double-sided Stream for high-end production, through to the Akron for small to medium-duty use, to the entry-level Jade for flexible production in limited space.  A dedicated program has been developed in the last 5 years, aiming at making the technology more user-friendly and, as consequence, the machines cleaner and more reliable. Biesse uses their own internally manufactured high-frequency electro-spindles designed to perfectly match the output of the machine. Biesse build all their own strategic and critical components to ensure long-lasting reliability.

Giuseppe Serpentino is Biesse’s Australian edge banding sales manager and brand specialist. He said, “Biesse’s largest edge banders are designed to work multiple shifts. The technology applied to those machines has been naturally applied to our future machines developed over the years. It’s top-down technology and represents an original and intelligent way of developing new product. Biesse innovation is targeted at reliability; less operator input; more automation inclusive of maintenance, especially at the gluing station, all critical issues for today’s high-demand cabinet manufacturing.”

Matt Lott is Director of Gold Coast Wood Machining. Their business is typical of the many thousands of small, family-owned furniture making companies around Australia. Matt bought a business with an existing edge bander and found himself spending a lot of time cleaning up the finished boards. He was concerned the poor finish could cost his business some customers. Matt said, “We purchased our Jade 240 edge bander to meet the needs of our existing and future customers. It gives us a dependable finish. We know exactly what comes out the end. Our only limitation is keeping up with the machine.”

Lee Crow is sole Director of LCR Shopfitters in Clyde, NSW. Their major production equipment is all provided and supported by Biesse. Their current edge bander, an Akron 1400 replaces a Biesse machine they had for an amazing 15 years that is still working for another manufacturer. Lee said, “The finish coming off our Akron 1400 is second to none.” What Lee really likes is the connection to the machine through the Sophia IOT software. He says, “I can check my machine’s performance on my phone and the tech’s at Biesse can access the machine for maintenance if we ever need it.”

For laser edge strips, Biesse offers the innovative AirForce System, one of Biesse’s foremost innovations in the world of edge banding. This technology melts the laser edge banding strip with very high temperature air that when applied to the board, penetrates the wood fibres so as not to have any joint between the strip and the panel surface. This avoids the need to use glue as a joint and therefore does away with the glue line, producing a perfect aesthetic result that's particularly suitable for highly visible parts of the furniture item.

Pierluigi says, “The advantages of AirForce lies in the simplicity of a machine that doesn't require glue. While gluing systems have evolved greatly in recent years, the use of a hot melt bonding agent involves a series of precautions and maintenance that has a definite impact on the use of the machine. In addition, there's no longer the problem of finding a glue of the right colour for the specific edge banding strip: changing from a white-on-white finish to a dark colour finish requires no particular set-up time and glue change because it's the polymer on the edge tape that melts and doesn't need a bonding agent of the same shade.”

Biesse produce edge banders equipped for the application of EVA, PUR and Laser Edges for every type of customer. There is a solution for all applications and Biesse has World-wide experience with installations in almost every country on Earth. In addition, every year Biesse invest 4% of yearly revenue on research and development. Customers can be sure that whatever they ask of their edge banding machine, Biesse has seen it before; has built it before and has the practical experience and expertise to meet any challenge, from the top down.

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