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Cnc machine for advanced materials MATERIA LD: Photo 1

High-yielding, Multifunctional, 5 axis processing


Materia LD, an extremely versatile and multifaceted 5-axis machining centre and gantry processing centre is equipped with a mobile crossbar, designed to meet dynamic and speedy machine requirements in the field of plastic and composite double edge trimming, high-speed milling of resin or aluminium models, and the prototyping of moulds. Catering industries like automobile, aerospace, nautical, motor-sport and moulding sectors, the centre strives to work towards delivering with quality. Ensuring automated processing, Materia LD is better when compared to 3-axis machine processing as it assists a lot more operations than usual. It is growing rapidly in the dynamic industry environment where machining requirements are complex. It is currently in demand for its facility to access up to five sides of a prismatic part in a single setup. Started in the 1950s, the 5-axis machining centre and the technology behind it is no new innovation. It was initially started to accurately process countered air foils for military aircraft wings and helicopter blades. As it has evolved in its technology, it has been able perform high-quality tasks and has replaced traditional cutting tools and milling machines. These help you increase productivity as they can be efficiently scheduled, which is why they’re growing immensely in the industry. 5 axis cnc milling machining have also contributed to fulfilling general and complex machining requirements and has benefited as an economical measure for organizations, as it saves time and labour. Its ability to access a maximum of five sides and effortlessly intricate work pieces helps optimize production and operations.

Cnc machine for advanced materials MATERIA LD: Photo 2
Cnc machine for advanced materials MATERIA LD: Photo 3
Fully closed structure

The fully closed structure, and the kinematic mechanisms all in the upper part of the machine, ensure cleanliness and long-lasting reliability.

Cnc machine for advanced materials MATERIA LD: Photo 4
New console

New console with touchscreen interface, fully integrated with the machine (no obstruction on the ground). Simple and intuitive.

High power

The high-performance electrospindles are manufactured to high-tolerance to allow a host of different materials like plastic, resin, compound and aluminium to be machined.


The high-performance electro spindles are manufactured to high-tolerance to allow a host of different materials like plastic, resin, compound and aluminium to be machined. The demand for electro spindles has skyrocketed in the last few years for high-speed machines because it guarantees precision, making your operation process simpler and more accurate. They can also carry out unique operations like lathe milling and large-scale material removal. Typically, these spindles function using induction motors, but incorporating a permanent magnet synchronous motor can help alleviate its performance. Their permanent magnet draws no electricity and reduces lead time consequently. The electro spindle is a design that incorporates a multi-station tool holder to reduce tool change time on machinery. Delays in processing can be a hassle when it comes to optimizing productivity and special equipment for the same is crucial. The electro spindle can perform light to complex machining tasks, as its tool changing is comparatively very less. Its integrated tool carrier can swap tools and switch between the necessary equipment in less than two seconds. Apart from being a tool holder and provider, the design also includes an electric motor, the main part of the unit that facilitates eliminating the need for belt drives and other power transmitting means mechanically. The centre comes with flexible and complicated parts that can enable the tool at any angle relative to the work piece, saving hours with fixturing and costs of tooling.

Tool change
Minimizing tool change time

The tool changing machine, essentially designed to increase productivity can be a game-changer for your operation process. The tool magazine is built to be accessible right under the gantry bridge to reduce the tool change time, giving you streamlined processing. With easy access to tools, your operation process is made easier and the entire productivity is in a flow.

Cnc machine for advanced materials MATERIA LD: Photo 5

The machine allows you to fit upto three tool magazines, that can hold 8 tools each simultaneously.

Cnc machine for advanced materials MATERIA LD: Photo 6

The machine can also be loaded with rotating magazines on the right hand side, that can hold upto 16 tools at once to increase tooling availability.

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