Nous simplifions vos procédés de fabrication pour faire briller le potentiel de n'importe quel matériau.

Rover M5: l'artisanat devient de l'art.

Repousser les limites de la technologie est un défi pour Biesse qui y fait face constamment avec beaucoup d'engagement. C'est de ce stimulus que naît la Rover M5, machine conçue pour le traitement des éléments des différents volumes.

Biesse is fully and constantly committed to going beyond the limits of current technology. This challenge is what has inspired Rover M5, a machine designed for machining elements of very different sizes, which will be presented at Inside to be held in Pesaro from 13 to 15 October 2016.
Rover M5: l'artisanat devient de l'art.: Photo 1

No other machine on the market matches its performance, size and price. With a working height of up to 535 mm, this completely unique technology can be used by manufacturers of highly varied and delicate three dimensional items to create their own products without involving third parties. The technical team that designed this model has transformed the high level of flexibility needed to machine special elements into technology. The work table can be customised to suit different machining requirements and can be used to clamp high volume pieces and load any type of equipment in order to machine elements in a wide range of sizes. It may consist of highly innovative Universal Flat Tables (UFT), i.e. aluminium sheets with holes for fixing moulds or special elements, which can be combined with tried and tested ATS tables with SA (Set Up Assistance).

The Rover M5 is extremely compact and offers high levels of performance, with a working field of 3200x1600x535 mm in a space of 6440x2825x2640 mm (everything included) with no additional elements required. Its compact size is one of the great advantages it offers manufacturers who can install it in very small areas, just 2700 mm high. Each component, including the electrical cabinet and the cooling system for the 5-axis group, is located inside the cabin making it very easy for the operator to move around the machine. The large glass doors provide a full view of machining in complete safety.

Rover M5: l'artisanat devient de l'art.: Photo 2
Rover M5: l'artisanat devient de l'art.: Photo 3
Rover M5 uses innovative technology, the result of the passion and expertise of a team of technicians and experts, that is capable of meeting manufacturer requirements. Biesse combines the needs of its customers by offering quality and reliability that it has developed in over forty years in the industry with the innovative nature that the market demands and is a company that constantly pushes itself beyond its own boundaries.
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