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First regional Inside event for Biesse Middle East

On the 27th and 28th of February 2018, Biesse Middle East will be welcoming customers from across the region to the new Dubai Campus, inaugurated in November 2017.

The event will serve to demonstrate the variety of technologies that Biesse can offer and all the advantages that companies involved in the wood industry can gain through the collaboration with Biesse. Over 1100sqm with 10 machines in full working power will be available to visitors, to observe first-hand the power of Biesse systems and technologies and get to know how they operate achieving optimization of the manufacturing processes. Guests will also have the opportunity to attend seminars that will be held in partnership with special collaborations on topics such as the Air Force edgebanding technology and high gloss systems. During the event a special lottery will take place where clients will have the opportunity to win exclusive prizes which will increase even more, the value of their investments.

“The ‘Inside’ is an iconic event that takes place annually at all Biesse showrooms worldwide and we are so proud to be able to host our own Inside event now. It allows us to preserve strong relationships with our clients, assuring their dedication, time after time towards technology. With our own brand new showroom here in the Middle East, we look forward to maintaining and growing our connection with our clients in the region, providing them with constantly innovating solutions” says Renato Manganelli, Managing Director of Biesse Middle East. “With the showroom being unique in this region, this certainly provides a competitive advantage for us which will help us to bond with our clients and establish new relationships. What we want to make clear is that the Inside event is undoubtedly a special celebration that will soon become a fortunate recurrence in the U.A.E. too, however, what makes our showroom really unique is its permanent availability, in a fully operational state, throughout the whole year, at the full service of our customers” concludes Mr. Manganelli.

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