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CNC processing centre

Full production at a competitive price
Rover S FT is the gantry machining center designed for Nesting applications of wood and wood based materials, but also plastic based and non ferrous materials machining.

Biesse’s processing centres for nesting and carving operations allow to achieve a finished produced machined on a single, compact machine at a competitive price. The robust and well-balanced structure of the machine is ideally suited for withstanding greater processing stresses without compromising the quality of the piece and for ensuring the best finish on different types of materials.

High precision and reliability over time.
Rover S FT has a robust, well-balanced structure, designed to handle demanding machining requirements without compromising product
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WINSTORE: automated magazine for the optimised management of panels.

Winstore can be integrated into nesting and sizing cells with a significant increase in productivity. Thanks to the proximity and availability of the panels, it guarantees a significant increase in productivity in reduced times and costs.

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ROS: Integrated robot solutions.

Biesse offers its customers pragmatic solutions for factory automation.

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

A single platform to manage all machine processes.
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Software for ROVER S FT
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B_NEST Reduced time and waste
B_NEST is the B_SUITE plugin specifically for nesting operations. It allows you to organise your nesting projects in a simple way, reducing the material waste and machining times.
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B_SOLID High-tech becomes accessible and intuitive
B_SOLID is a 3D cad cam software application that supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.

BIESSE Rover S FT - Panel Processing

See the new Rover S FT in action cutting, drilling and shaping particleboard components. Rover S FT is the perfect combination of simplicity and great performances.

Rover S FT - MDF Doors Processing

See Rover S FT processing MDF doors. With the automatic loading and unloading system the machine can be controlled by just one operator which can perform additional operation (i.e. labelling or stacking) while the machine is working independently.

Rover S FT - Winstore X3 - Automatic Cell for MDF Doors Production

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