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Do you know the advanced features available in b_solid?: Photo 1

Do you know the advanced features available in b_solid?

These days software can make or break the efficiency of a process. Biesse constantly invests in the development of software packages to offer solid solutions for users and make machines easier to use. This produces a continuous stream of advanced new features that combine greater ease of use with advanced performance.

Simulations, information about timing and high-performance collision control 

This precious feature is able to test the entire project through a rapid and effective 3D simulation, calculating the time required for all the machining operations and providing precious information for factory logistics. The tool is also useful for anticipating and preventing collisions. Possible sources of interference between machine parts can be sought out directly from the office allowing any errors to be corrected in advance. Thanks to this feature projects can be tested and perfected before execution.



With a simple click, this command captures information about the positioning of the work table (automatic or semi-automatic) from the set-up present on the machine

Portability of Rover – Eko programmes

Programmes created for Rover and Eko are compatible one with the other. A programme created for Rover can be imported to B_SOLID for EKO which will make the necessary adjustments for the programme to be used on EKO as well. 


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