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Biesse wins the Elements of Innovation Award

Leading woodworking machinery manufacturer, Biesse UK, has won an Elements of Innovation Award for its unique Opera R sanding machine at this year’s W Exhibition and Elements.

Part of the company’s new ‘Automaction’ concept, which brings automated, inter-connected production manufacturing processes to the woodworking industry, the new Opera R has been designed to offer a greater sanding consistency and a higher continuity of output on flat panels and shaker doors. Controlled via a 15-inch touch screen, the new Opera R has succeeded in reproducing sanding processes that were previously only achievable through manual methods. This has resulted in the elimination of human error, reduced production costs and increased efficiency, leading to greater productivity.
Biesse wins the Elements of Innovation Award: Photo 1
Biesse wins the Elements of Innovation Award: Photo 2
Biesse wins the Elements of Innovation Award: Photo 3
Biesse wins the Elements of Innovation Award: Photo 4

Giacomo Mariotti, Product Area Manager for Biesse says, “This machine is an industry first and we believe it will revolutionise the way the industry works. Automation has huge potential in the woodworking sector but is yet to be fully utilised. We hope our machines will change this. “The Opera R sanding machine – partnered with a collaborative robot that offloads the doors – offers quality, safety and consistency during the sanding process. It’s simplified the cycle and as a result, the return on investment is almost immediate. It’s a versatile machine – it can be used as a stand alone machine or in a production line – and we have a number of options to accommodate a wide range of applications, including a model that features two robots and two conveyer belts to double productivity. “We’re offering new solutions to the woodworking industry and it’s fantastic to be recognised by our peers. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and we will continue to create exceptional solutions that will benefit our customers and help them succeed.”

Independent judge and Course Leader at Buckinghamshire New University, Paul Lighterness adds, “Automation is an exciting area of growth in the woodworking industry and it’s fascinating to see how this kind of technology can increase productivity and efficiencies in the sector. Biesse’s innovative Opera R was a worthy winner.”

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