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4.0 Systems that create precious products!: Photo 1

4.0 Systems that create precious products!

Mauro Pede, Product Management Wood Director, interviewed by Progettare Magazine.

Among the most recent technological innovations are the new CNC for Nesting, Rover B FT HD, but also XPS - Extreme positioning System, Air Force System and Ray Force System, two edgebanding solutions that grant the highest finishing quality and easiness of use. And, last but not least, SOPHIA, the Biesse IoT platform that increases the efficiency of Biesse products in their life cycles.
We design our technologies, innovations and solutions always keeping in mind our customer’s actual need and use. A use that should be completely safe and improved continuously. This is why our products are designed to make the operator’s daily job easier.
Mauro Pede Product Management Wood Director
Read the full interview by Progettare Magazine on theirs website (p.56).
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