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Studio Arredi

Teaching balance through play.

Exciting roads can be fun for young and old thanks to the use of educational tools that teach balance and self-esteem. That's the objective behind the Balance Bikes, wooden bicycles without pedals that offer children a simple approach to a challenge.

Customer: Studio Arredi
City: Cuneo
Country: Italy
Product: ROVER K FT

Studio Arredi got its start as a local carpentry workshop in the late 1800s. Thanks to the experience accrued by four generations of the Saglietti family, it has since earned its place in the furniture sector and gained a reputation for quality and service, key elements of a company culture built on values and attention to the customer. To keep up with the industrial and technological transformation of the woodworking industry, over the past 15 years Studio Arredi has converted its business from a “traditional” carpentry workshop with manual tools to an “advanced workshop”, purchasing its first numerical control machines. “Over the past 15 years my family and I have approached the world of technologically advanced production with our artisan touch and with products that are both of very high quality and, at the same time, produced using the best technology”, says Simone Saglietti, Studio Arredi CEO. The transformation of the traditional carpentry workshop has helped the company compete successfully with two main brands: Esposit and Teknik Wood. The ESPOSIT brand is founded on three principles: ease of use, light weight and sustainability. Esposit products - display cases and furnishings sold as assembled kits - are designed using interlocking pieces to ensure that they can be assembled and disassembled multiple times without requiring any tools. These easy-to-use, lightweight and sustainable products are sold to major distributors to create stands for tastings. One of the main customers is the Ferrero company in Alba. The world of interlocking products created by Studio Arredi has earned the Red Dot Design Award, one of the highest international awards for design.

Studio Arredi: Photo 1
With the Teknik Wood brand, and especially the Baby Moto bikes, Studio Arredi creates educational tools, commonly referred to as "toys": with its balance bikes, wooden bikes without pedals, Studio Arredi teaches children to find their balance when running and walking and helps foster self-esteem: “when a child finds his balance independently, he gains self-esteem and learns to identify problems step by step”, continues Simone Saglietti. Toddlers are able to stay safe and enjoy themselves as they learn to maintain their balance. Investments in smart technology, and an increasing focus on the world of nesting: the journey toward the “advanced carpentry workshop” has been successful thanks to the purchase of the first Biesse machining centre in January 2017, the Rover K FT. Driven by a specific production needs, the company has established a strong partnership with Biesse, which has brought about improvements in both the speed of the production processes and in assistance. “The technology we use today allows us to manufacture the finished product within a very short time frame and offers flexibility when changing the product or changing the service within our very effective production process”, states Simone Saglietti. “The professionalism my family noted in Biesse gave us confidence that we had made the right decision”. Nesting technology, the precise planning offered by the B_SOLID suite and especially by B_NEST, the promptness of Biesse Service and an extensive local presence, are the strengths that undergird the partnership with Studio Arredi. “B_SOLID offers impeccable precision in simulation and planning and guarantees a predictive overview of what will happen during production, which avoids setbacks in the process”, Saglietti says in closing.
The professionalism my family noted in Biesse gave us confidence that we had made the right decision
Simone Saglietti Amministratore Delegato Studio Arredi
Simone Saglietti
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