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Falegnameria arredamenti Bigoni

The mountain style combined with the most advanced technology

Falegnameria Arredamenti Bigoni was founded 50 years ago in Dimaro Folgarida (near Trento), in a charming setting surrounded by mountain forests.

Customer: Falegnameria arredamenti Bigoni
City: Trento
Country: Italy
Product: ROVER A SMART 16

At Bigoni, they make everything: in the 2,500 square metre laboratory, there are about 15 people creating furniture items, of course, but also entire rooms and everything in them - “turnkey” apartments with walls, floors, door and window fittings and artisan furniture. Falegnameria Bigoni today has a turnover of about 1 million Euros - “all work passes through the Rover”, says Nicola Bigoni, pointing to the Biesse processing centre that they invested in. “We bought the first CNC back in 2002. Six months ago, we decided to change it for a solution that allows us to use our own design software, but integrating it with more efficient machine management systems. In the end, we opted for Biesse's Rover A Smart 1632 centre: we design in the office, then the production instructions are sent straight to the machine, without any intermediate steps. We've got other machines of course, but the heart of our system is the processing centre, that all our furniture production passes through.” Even though it's a small business in a remote location, tied closely with traditional wood machining, the joinery owners have understood the value of - and need for - technology in the modern age. “There's no other way nowadays: if you want to compete in terms of price, and be able to bring to life even the most “unusual” projects, certain technologies are vital!And I have to say that we've taken another step forward with SOPHIA: l'll admit that when Biesse suggested using this system, I was a bit puzzled because I couldn't fully grasp its potential. The experience has turned out to be very positive though, because we can now focus on our work and on what we want our Rover to do, knowing that we'll be informed directly from Pesaro if there are any problems or situations that need looking into, thanks to the wi-fi connection between them and our machine. We don't even realise when our processing centre is receiving signals or program “patches” that help it to work in the best possible way! Let me give you another example: a few days ago, there was an electricity failure and the machine stopped right in the middle of a job; when the power returned, we tried to start up again but couldn't. Thanks to SOPHIA, we asked the Pesaro technicians to help out and then we went off to lunch. When we came back, the machine had almost finished the job! That means we've got an absolute guarantee. We often have to put large wood pieces on the processing centre, for 10 hours of non-stop machining. With SOPHIA and all the related software elements, we don't need to worry about it because if there's any vibration or temperature increase in any part of the machine, we're warned in time and can do something about it straight away. Another example: a message came up some days ago, saying that a tool wasn't working properly; we checked it and did in fact find some resin residue that was affecting it. We hadn't even noticed. Lots of joineries around here have closed because they didn't have the right tools for giving the market what it wants and quickly, eliminating any design limits and defining the end price without problems. It's these systems that determine the way of working now: the old joinery no longer exists, and having SOPHIA on hand means having a highly skilled operator working for us.

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As I said, it's a guarantee, because we know that someone is monitoring even the tiniest component of our investment and it'll be practically impossible to find ourselves with two expensive burnt-out electrospindles, as happened in the past! It means minimising machine downtime, which is the real cost of a technical problem. It's like having a highly specialised Biesse technician right there next to the machine, ready to point out the problems that we're not able to see or foresee… Hardly anything we do is standard: every piece is tailor-made. If a customer and his designer ask us for something that we're not physically able to produce, they won't come back to us again and we'll have lost an opportunity; then again, there's the customer who came to see us and saw how we work, and accepted our cost estimate even though it was much higher than the others. We want to excite our customers, drawing them into our work and the beauty of the material that we use. And we have to look forward, because the future lies in these technologies” says Bigoni.
There's no other way nowadays: if you want to compete in terms of price, and be able to bring to life even the most “unusual” projects, certain technologies are vital! And I have to say that we've taken another step forward with SOPHIA.
Nicola Bigoni Owner
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