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Bram Woodworking Studio India

Creativity, software, technology: design becomes art.

Masterpieces made of wood, natural sculptures forged by human creativity and the millimetric precision of technology. Two unique pieces, Ellipse and Leon, serve as tangible examples of the harmonious encounter between pure design and the flawless execution of the 5-axis Rover A machining centre, which executes complex but fascinating shapes with great ease, thanks to software capable of skilful and free planning and simulation.

Customer: Bram Woodcrafting Studio
City: Mysore
Country: India

Ellipse and Leon, the two objects exhibited as part of the day of Italian design in Mumbai this past March, were designed by the Bram Woodcrafting Studio, whose headquarters are in Mysore, India. Magic comes to life in the East: Biesse was searching for companies capable of testing its CNC technology on the field, and the BWM studio had the right designs - the kind that seem daunting but actually turn out to be perfect - and was backed by the creativity and courage of a master artisan like Bram. The machining centre and the bSolid software worked in tandem to convert the idea into a masterpiece. The result is admirable. The wood willingly lends itself to transformation into a sinuous table and chair with flawless and infinite contours, a work that flows uninterrupted, just like the waves that inspired it.

Bram Woodcrafting Studio india: Photo 1
Bram Woodcrafting Studio india: Photo 2
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