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Tecnologie Avanzate

Out to conquer the skies.

Notable experience built up over the years in the aerospace field, optimum component quality, constant attention to the environment: it's thanks to these three strengths that Tecnologie Avanzate is taking off.

Customer: Tecnologie Avanzate
City: Frosinone
Country: Italy
Website: www.tecnavan.it/

A business strategy based on key points that have grown stronger over the course of three generations - that's what has allowed Tecnologie Avanzate, a company in Veroli (Frusinate), to stand out and make a name for itself in the aerospace sector. This family-run firm is led by Sisto Fini, owner and Sales Director of Tecnologie Avanzate. The company was created from the split of TecnAvan in 2008, after accumulating 20 years' experience, into TecnAvan Interiors and Tecnologie Avanzate, the former specialising in the production and maintenance of components for internal furnishings and special equipment for aeroplanes, the latter in the production and destructive or non-destructive control of aerospace components. “The two companies, numbering 200 employees, are bound together by the same mission: the quality of their components and attention to the environment”, declares Sisto Fini.  “Our company stakes everything on quality and competitiveness, without ever forgetting environmental sustainability and the need to look after the local area”, continues Fini. “In fact we focus firmly on social and environmental sustainability, paying the utmost attention to environmental issues and taking care of the area we live in.” The Compounds and Mechanical Machining Division handles the design, development and machining of the compound material - primarily carbon fibre, glass fibre and kevlar pre-impregnated with epoxy resin - by means of cutting, profiling, gluing and polymerisation. In addition, the components are subjected to continuous laboratory tests, dimensional tests and destructive/non-destructive tests.

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The Systems and Constructions Division of Tecnologie Avanzate, on the other hand, deals with the design, development and construction of mechanical and industrial systems (or the renovation of existing ones) for the production of components made of compound materials. “We work in a highly dynamic sector that calls for quality and great competitiveness. Our main customers are world leaders including Boeing, Leonardo Aerostrutture and Leonardo Elicotteri, internationally recognised as the foremost aeroplane manufacturers”, says Flavio Mandato, Sales Manager with Tecnologie Avanzate for more than 7 years. “Our most significant strength, apart from the total quality imposed by the aeronautical standards, is our intense competitiveness. Being competitive in this sector is our goal, seeing as we deal with the leading worldwide producers”, concludes Mandato. “Our collaboration with Biesse began in 2018, when we purchased a Primus 322. It turned out to be a positive choice right from the start, as we noted advantages that were very important for us: easy, clear maintenance, simplified resetting and advanced functions for managing tool paths”, explains Maurizio Patriarca, Quality Manager for over 20 years. In the following years, the company extended its machine stock with the purchase of the Materia LD and Rover Plast A FT 5-axis machining centres, and a Selco Plast panel saw. “The Materia LD in particular was chosen for the degree of precision it maintains even during mechanical machining operations of considerable size, complying with the requirements of the strict product tolerance values. Machining accuracy is an attribute that can't be forfeited in a sector like the aeronautical one”, concludes Sisto Fini.
“We chose Biesse for the degree of precision it guarantees us, even during mechanical machining operations of considerable size, complying with the requirements of the strict product tolerance values.”
Sisto Fini Owner and Sales Director
Sisto Fini
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