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Rise of the Robots

Automation, Technology and the Benefits of Biesse's WN 610 ROS Machine.

Over the last couple of decades, the drive towards automation and robot technology has been relentless. Tireless, reliable, and capable of the same performance at the end of a shift as they deliver at the beginning, robots ranging from automated warehouse systems, to feeding and stacking options are really taking the spotlight, and even small companies can benefit from their versatility.

Back in May 2019, Biesse demonstrated its digital factory solution under the Automaction slogan. Its an industrial production solution that coordinates people and robots, and demonstrates the infinite capacity offered by machines.
The trend in the market is moving towards single sheet work and batch size one production. Customers want to be able to process variations, different colours, and offer lots of options.
Michele Luzio Brand Sales Manager, Biesse
We took the opportunity to talk to Biesse’s Brand Sales Manager, Michele Luzio, about one robot-assisted solution in particular that’s delivering real benefits for manufacturers who have a focus on batch size one production: the Selco WN 610 ROS. This is one of a trilogy of beam saws that make up Biesse’s Six Series. the main differences between them being saw blade projection and motor power – but it’s only the WN 610 Biesse has chosen to adapt to work with a ROS (Robot Operated System).

If you have automatic storage connected to a ROS – our storage solution is the Winstore, and we have three different models – it means you have an efficient single sheet operation that’s faster than any operator.
The robot doesn’t get tired and its performance is the same at 5pm as it is at 9am.
Michele Luzio Brand Sales Manager - UK
The ROS also allows you to have control over your production flow, and damage through operator error is reduced to zero.

With no rejects to remake, the production cycle is never interrupted, so you save materials and you save time. This is the ideal solution for automation. You no longer need stock, factory space is reduced, you only cut what you need and you cut the right volume when you need it.

You can cut a stack – a WN 610 ROS can be equipped with devices on the robot arms to handle up to three 20mm sheets – but its main purpose is as a single sheet solution and that’s why we use a machine with a 95mm blade projection.
The WN610 ROS comes with a 4.5m cutting line. There are three loading solutions with the ROS system: lift table, lift table plus turning station - which allows you to make head cuts without turning the boards when they are ejected - and loading via Winstore.
Michele Luzio Brand Sales Manger
“The ROS is an off-loading robot. It can off-load to pallets that have been placed in front of it, or, as an option, we can provide an automatic transfer unit that will transport the pieces to the destination chosen by the customer, e.g. to a drilling or edgebanding machine".

We offer optimising software (Optiplanning) that allows the operator to create optimised job lists that will then be sent to the machine either through the company network, or via a USB stick. Following that, the operator can start the job using the Open Selco Interface (OSI).

“To make maintenance easier and more efficient, a maintenance program inside the OSI reminds the operator to perform certain tasks, like cleaning operations, lubrication checks, the status of the blade, etc. Within the maintenance programs there are videos showing how to carry out these procedures. Also, our Biesse machines are equipped with SOPHIA, our remote preventative maintenance and intervention platform. It predicts potential problems so they can be solved before they cause an interruption to production.”

If you’d like to know more about the Selco WN6 ROS, call Biesse UK on 01327 300366

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