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When Speed is of the Essence

Biesse launches its new Rover B FT High Dynamics, a nesting machine that sports blistering positioning speeds and rivals beam saw production levels.

In today’s manufacturing environment, speed is of the essence. Speed, accuracy and efficiency… these are three of the key drivers behind production efficiency and that’s something everybody wants because it adds up to increased profits. With this in mind, Biesse’s engineers have developed a brand-new version of the tried and trusted Rover B FT called the Rover B FT HD. The HD stands for High Dynamics and, as CNC Brand Manager Paul Willsher explains, having high dynamics on a nesting machine makes the newly-released HD model significantly faster than any other Rover B.
The accelerations have pretty much doubled from 4.5m/sec to 9.5m/sec in the X axis and from 5m/sec to 10m/sec in the Y axis.
Paul Willsher CNC Brand Manager - Biesse UK
Based on a 14-component panel, the Rover B FT HD finished the same job 54 seconds faster than the Rover B FT.

"The Rover B FT HD is predominantly going to appeal to kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom manufacturers", says Paul, "But it will also handle kitchen doors, for example J-Pull doors." A single head standard version of the Rover FT will produce up to 450 doors in a shift while the HD version pushes that by another 11.8%. With the double-head HD, that goes up to 1003 doors, an extra 26.8%."
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On the twin-head Rover B FT HD, the two spindles can be used at the same time to double the production.
On the twin-head Rover B FT HD, the two spindles can be used either at the same time to double the production, or you can use them independently with one working and cutting panels while the other changes.
Paul Willsher CNC Brand Manager - Biesse UK
In order not to slow the speed down between cutting operations, Biesse has also changed the position of the tool-changers on the new Rover B FT HD, reducing the weight on the gantry by floor-mounting them. “If you are manufacturing doors, you’ll need quite a few tools and profiles and that means lots of tool positions so you can fit all your different profiles in the machine,” says Paul. On the Rover B FT HD there is an eight-position tool-changer that sits on the Y carriage. This is the fastest available because it’s actually on the tool carriage, following the spindles up and down the Y carriage.

Find out more by reading the PDF article here including changes to the table design for better vacuum distribution.

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The new HFT bed design means pods can now be put directly on the table. 
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