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Simple Sizing with Selco

With the latest additions to the Selco range, Biesse is bridging the skills gap and making life easy, even for unskilled operators.

Within Biesse’s Selco beam saw range there are many options encompassing small workshop cutting requirements at one end of the scale and industrial production at the other. The Selco range is divided into two sections: single cutting line beam saws and angle plant. At the entry level are the single cutting line models.

What are the deciding factors that would determine your choice? “It depends on the productivity required and the stack height the customer wants to cut”. 

The WN2 series offers 60mm and 80mm saw blade projection, enabling you to cut 45mm – say, two panels at once – or three 18mm panels.

With the SK470, we can go up to 90mm projection. The projection increases as we go up the range and there are more options available. We can add rear conveyors, side conveyors and there are more options to run the beam saw – things like the automatic scoring alignment by laser from the six-series onwards. 

There are a number of features on Selco beam saws that are quite unique when compared with other makes. The shape of the base and the saw carriage, for example, are very different: “Most beam saws have a frame that supports the saw carriage on both sides. Our frame is designed in a unique way: the saw carriage runs on only one side of the frame. We patented the L-shape because this is the only way you can guarantee that over the lifetime of the machine, even if the frame moves slightly, the saw carriage will remain parallel to it. 

No one else in the market does this.
Michele Luzio Brand Sales Manager - Biesse UK

“The quick-change saw blade system is also patented. Just press a button and a pneumatic system releases the mechanical lock on the spindle. It’s very quick, safe and easy. Customers really like this.  

A key advantage of the Selco design is a device patented some 20 years ago: the twin pusher system. Having an auxiliary pusher that works simultaneously with the main pusher facilitates greater productivity and flexibility. “Depending on the model of the beam saw, we offer three different types,”.

“The performance increases as we move towards the WN6 and WN7 range but the increase in productivity from a twin pusher on a WN2 and SK4 saw can be up to 25%. On a WN6 it can be 40% and as much as 60% on a WN7." 

A further recent introduction, again with unskilled operators in mind, is the Tracking Light system. The Smart Stacking solution has the facility to run an LED Tracking Light system on the saw that guides the operator through the loading, handling and offloading processes using different colours to indicate loading, trim cutting, strip rotation, off loading and strip positioning.  


Find out more by reading the PDF article here including the machines additional features and what else manufacturers can get from it.

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