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A Smarter Factory

SELF-FUNDING EFFICIENCY: Biesse’s Robbie O’Neill explains how simple changes can have a profound effect on your production and profits.

If someone challenged you to make more money out of the products you’re producing, how would you set about the task? Would you beat a better deal out of your raw materials suppliers to cut cost? Would you invest in a new machine, a new line, or additional staff to produce more product? Any of these might produce results to a greater or lesser degree.

The answer for many factories is remarkably simple, yet most manufacturers in the UK have either failed to notice what’s staring them in the face, or have bought another machine to make up for perceived shortcomings without analysing the need properly.

Organisation is the key, and for many companies, the solution is nothing more earth-shattering than swapping horizontally stacked trolleys for vertically-stacked racking.
Robbie O'Neill Commercial Director (Biesse UK)
The more organised and the more consistent your operators are, the less time the job will take and the more product you’ll get out of the door.

"With vertical stack management, you don’t have to de-stack and resort and if your operators are super-organised, they’ll stack base ends in one place, towers in another, wall ends in another, rails in another and bottoms in another. We’ve improved production dramatically for some manufacturers just by adding a simple thing like a trolley."

From a cost point of view, if you have no automation, the cost of a simple factory could be about £600,000. A smart solution is a £280,000 upcost for automation but here we’ve got a 42% increase in capacity. Workforce costs go down from £330,000 to £120,000 per year, saving £210,000.
Robbie O'Neill Commercial Director (Biesse UK)
Work that took five days to do now takes three, so you’ve gained two days. Raw material costs have dramatically reduced from £835,000 to £500,000 – so, taking everything into account, in the first year you’ve saved nearly £500,000. With a smart solution, you could have a system that’s completely self-funding. Our mission at Biesse is to show we can improve performance and quality in your factory, and we know by doing this we can drive the cost down.

The full article includes how to declutter your manufacturing space, how to make your warehouse 'smart', and information on Biesse's software that is designed to help manufacturers.

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