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Making the switch

Thinner glue lines, easier colour, and adhesive changes, reduced adhesive consumption and less maintenance are just some of the benefits of Biesse’s hybrid glue head.

If you’ve got an older edgebander in your workshop, it’s almost guaranteed your operator’s least favourite job will be changing colours, changing from EVA to PUR and the unpleasant job of cleaning down that goes with both. It might not be the best solution for your product quality, but such problems are often used as a good reason to change adhesives as infrequently as possible.


The hybrid glue head has been developed to fill the demand in the market for a flexible gluing application so operators can run EVA or PUR and change whenever they want.
Malcolm Storey Biesse UK - Brand Sales Manager

With Biesse’s TM15 hybrid head, depending how much adhesive is left in the pot, it’s possible to change over in as little as 15 mins.

So, you have all bases covered and a machine that’s pretty much futureproofed, makes colour and adhesive changes easy for your operator, gets rid of messy maintenance and cleaning issues, provides consistent glue lines, and gives you repeatability at the touch of a button. So why wouldn’t you make the switch?

Read the full PDF article here which includes in depth technical information on our hybrid head, different glues and additional features with the machines and what else manufacturers can get from them.

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