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Machining microns

Machining to tolerances within 0.025mm isn’t typical for panel processing but that’s exactly what Grant Westfield needed for its latest Multipanel Collection.

A decorative grout line, cut with remarkable precision in the laminate surface of a fully waterproof bathroom wall panel, is one of the latest designs in Grant Westfield’s marketleading Multipanel Collection, and its production has been made possible by Biesse technology.

Since Edinburgh-based Grant Westfield started manufacturing Multipanel products at the turn of the new millennium, its reputation has become second to none for delivering high performance products on time and to a quality standard that enables the company to offer a 30-year guarantee with confidence on every wall panel that leaves the factory.

There is no doubt that wall panels are a faster and more efficient solution than tiles for cladding bathroom walls and the absence of grout lines makes them mould and maintenance free, even inside shower cubicles.

Grant Westfield wanted to create an authentic tile look that was almost indiscernible from grouted tiles on a wall panel, worthy of a place among the Multipanel Collection, but it was far from simple. It would have been relatively easy to create the look within the laminate during the printing stage but David and his team didn’t just want a product that looked like tiles, they wanted one that felt like tiles as well.

We investigated sawing and laser-cutting the grout lines but based on our experience, we knew a CNC would be the better option.
David Gordon Grant Westfield
Machining microns: Photo 1
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