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Banging the drums for Biesse

Speakers, turntables, doors, desks, carcasses… PanelPro makes them all with a little help from a new Biesse duo.

PanelPro identified that they needed a nesting router to supplement its other CNCs and after trialing machines with various companies, they found that in some, there was a lack of perfection to the finish.

In Biesse’s Rover K FT nesting CNC, one of the first of Biesse’s new quick-installation plug-and-play solutions, PanelPro finally found the solution they had been looking for. It was compact, offered flexibility and provided not only all-round access for the operator but also double the production they were getting from their other CNCs.


It takes less than one minute to change, clean and unload the bed ready for the next cycle and that’s given us double the production.
Mike Plimmer Director, PMK Cabinets Derby Ltd (PanelPro)

Due to the Rover K FT being so efficient, it left them with a bottleneck. The nesting line had increased their throughput so much that they were nearly 50% up on panels coming off the edgebander because the machine mostly worked unsupervised, which meant the operator was free to work the edgebander. They only had one machine that was doing the secondary operation, so they needed a second machine to prevent a bottleneck and so they decided to buy a Biesse Brema Eko 2.1 as well.

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Banging the drums for Biesse: Photo 1
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