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An Edge on Quality

The only true way to get zero glue line is to use an Airforce-type machine that releases the functional layer on a laser tape with heat.
Malcolm Storey Edgebanding Brand Manager - Biesse UK

Looking for that all-important invisible glue line? Biesse has a few clever units on its edgebanders that can help you achieve better looking products.

“But when most people refer to a zero glue line, what they mean is usually something that is less visible than the standard glue line they are getting from EVA. We’ve introduced a number of changes to our machines that ensure a near invisible glue line: “One of the big changes we’ve made to the Akron and Stream A ranges is the introduction of a hybrid glue head. With a hybrid glue head you can run EVA or PUR on the same machine rather than having separate glue tanks and you don’t have to take anything off the machine to switch from one to the other."
The big plus from a customer’s perspective is that you can clean the glue head on the machine.
Malcolm Storey Edgebanding Brand Manager - Biesse UK
Depending on how much adhesive there is in the pot, it takes no more than 15 minutes to change between adhesive types or colours. A lot of small to medium sized workshops are batchsize-one producers, so having the facility to change over on demand is very beneficial.”

If you are running MFC you need more adhesive than if you are running MDF because the adhesive is absorbed into the core of MFC. On Biesse machines, it’s possible to write a program for the different board material you are using that regulates the glue dosage automatically.

You can get a much thinner glue line with PUR than with EVA but people have always been wary of PUR because of the internal housekeeping that was needed to get a good finish. We’ve taken that problem away from the customer.”

A further contribution to improved glue lines is Biesse’s Pro-Glue kit. This clever little device locks the copying movement of the hybrid or standard glue head so when the panel leaves copying the glue roller assembly doesn’t move forward.

Of course, you could go the extra mile, move to laser edging tapes and eradicate the glue line entirely with Biesse’s Airforce system. More manufactures are wanting a combination of Airforce and the hybrid glue head on their straight line edgebanders so they can run EVA, PUR and Airforce.
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Find out more by reading the PDF article here including traditional glue options and which Biesse machines offer Airforce technology.

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