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Work Solid - Simply Wood

If a spindle can go all the way around the workpiece without having to rewind, it’s much faster for shaping and processing circular work pieces.
Paul Willsher Brand Sales Manager

Thinking about a five-axis CNC? Biesse’s Rovers have a lot to offer, even if you’re only producing three-axis work.

If you are performing machining tasks that are essentially the preserve of three-axis technology, you might not have felt it necessary to have considered the advantages of five-axis machines. But buying into five-axis technology early on could not only save you money on expensive aggregates – maybe two or even three of them at a time – it could save you time on tool-changing and will provide you with the option to produce true five-axis work in the future if you need it. It’s one reason why the Italian woodworking machinery specialists, Biesse, is selling more five-axis machines than ever before. Both in the fire door market, where the speed and efficiency of five-axis for essentially three-axis work has been recognised, and in the solid wood machining sector, where true five-axis work includes anything from complex chair components and intricate shapes to moulds and stair parts, Biesse Rovers have been selling like hot cakes.
Productivity increases the further up the range you go, and that’s particularly important if you are going to be doing large batch work as well as bespoke one-offs.
Paul Willsher Brand Sales Manager
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All the Rovers have been designed to withstand high levels of machine strain. Double rack and pinions, brushless motors, motors on both sides of the gantry, helicoidal self-cleaning racks for smooth running, full cast gantries – these are just some of the key features.
In furniture manufacturing applications, many different tools might be required for producing items such as mouldings around tops, tables, cabinets, etc.
A key feature of the five-axis HSD spindle used on Biesse machines is its ability to offer full interpolation. Where some five-axis spindles need to retract and rewind adding time to the machining process, HSD gear-free spindles will work all around the workpiece without having to rewind themselves – 360 degrees, continuous rotation on the vertical and horizontal axes.
bSolid will allow you to do virtual prototyping and check machine operation through simulation.
Simon Draycott Software Applications Manager
The Rover A, Rover B and Rover C all come with bSolid software - bSolid will enable you to make anything from a basic kitchen cabinet to a curved chair leg. If you are creating a 3D model with a different package, you can import an .igs, .step or an .stl file, isolate a face and extract the geometry from it by wire-framing it.

To find out more, or to arrange a demonstration of the five-axis Rover A in Biesse’s showroom, call 01327 300366.
The full article can be found in the September 2019 Edition in the 'Furniture Journal' magazine. Click magazine icon - top right of web page article.
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