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Tech Days – Quality Edgebanding

11/10/22 – 12/10/22 See timetable
Tech Days – Quality Edgebanding
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UK Tech Centre ¦ 11-12 October

Join us at our Daventry Tech Centre and discover the latest edgebanding technology and understand how this can improve your quality, efficiency and output, including:

- AR70 Advanced high speed corner rounding with precision movement and programmable single tool adjustment that delivers a high quality finish.

- Hybrid Glue Head that allows a quick switch between EVA and PUR glue that provides flexibility in your production.

- TM15 Pre Melter for glue on demand, compatible with both EVA and PUR glue.

- Pro Nesting solution for ensuring quality edgebanding on pre-drilled panels.




See our machines live in action:

  • Akron 1130 with Pro Nesting
  • Akron 1330 with TM15 Hybrid Pre-Melting Unit & Pro Nesting
  • Akron 1440 with Hybrid Glue Head & Pro Nesting
  • Stream A SMART with AR70 Corner Rounding & Pro Nesting
  • And more....


You will also be able to see in action our CNC, Beam Saw, Drilling and Sanding solutions.


Our experts, with a wealth of technical, process and production knowledge will be available to discuss how to overcome your production challenges and find the best solutions.


We will also be joined by 3 partners:


A manufacturer and distributor of wood-based panels that include Particleboard (PB), Medium density fibreboard (MDF) and Laminate flooring.


Discover their premium quality RAUKANTEX edgebands including their stunning translucent edging.


See Jowat’s hot melt adhesives to ensure superior bonding strength and high-quality appearance in edgebanding applications with resistance to heat to moisture and chemicals in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Tech Days ¦ Quality Edgebanding
Your chance to see our edgebanding technologies that help increase quality and efficiency.
Hours and location
Daily from 10am
Lamport Drive, Daventry NN11 8YZ
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