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CNC Engraving Machines SKIPPER 130: Photo 1
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Numerical control processing centre

Personalisation in real time
Skipper 130 is an NC processing centre that allows the processing of panels of completely different formats in sequence, and without interruptions. It's ideal for the nonstandard production of large companies, for producing small batches for third parties, and for those requiring just-in-time flexible production.
CNC Engraving Machines SKIPPER 130: Photo 2
CNC Engraving Machines SKIPPER 130: Photo 3

Complete flexibility for machining panels of different thicknesses and sizes. Simultaneous, continuous machining operations on both the upper part and the lower part, without the need to feed the panels through the machine several times.

CNC Engraving Machines SKIPPER 130: Photo 4

The piece size measuring system verifies the exact thickness of the panels in real time, automatically adjusting the machining depth as necessary.

CNC Engraving Machines SKIPPER 130: Photo 5

An extremely powerful yet user-friendly operator interface that allows quick decisions and automatically optimises the cycle on the basis of the tools available, to minimise work times.

Processing of different shapes in sequence
Skipper 130 is revolutionary. It can machine all 6 panel faces simultaneously in one single step (including dowel insertion).
Immediate productivity
Long term reliability and precision. Material transformation cost reduction of over 60%. Maximum yield for batch 1 production. Easy use for everyone.
Case Histories
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