CNC Engraving Machines BREMA VEKTOR 15 INS: Photo 1

Brema VEKTOR 15 INS is the boring-inserting vertical flexible through-feed NC machine for sequentially boring and/or inserting the hardware on various sizes panels, without any manual set-up.

It’s a solution for the just-in-time production, for companies looking for a technological system with high performances contained in a small footprint.

The machine could be configured according to the specific production needs with different boring and inserting units.
CNC Engraving Machines BREMA VEKTOR 15 INS: Photo 2

Biesse Brema Vektor - Robotic System for Hardware Insertion

Optimisation and simplification of the production process. 
Robots that increase efficiency and production continuity. Robots take the place of the operator, handling the sectioned strips longitudinally, positioning them for cross sectioning, and sorting the finished pieces.
Watch the boring-inserting vertical flexible Brema Vektor integrated with a robotic system. 

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CNC Engraving Machines BREMA VEKTOR 15 INS: Photo 3

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