ROVER C: Photo 1
Power meets precision.
Rover C is the new processing centre for manufacturing furniture, staircase and door and window components of any shape, size and thickness with ease. It was designed to be used for heavy-duty processing that requires large-size tools and aggregates.
More machining operation options.
The technology of the new Rover C supports the machining of complex-shaped pieces, guaranteeing quality, precision and absolute reliability over time.
Precise power.
The new operating section with 5 interpolating axes supports complex processing operations whilst ensuring quality and precision. By combining 5 axes and 4 axes units it is possible to process any type of product. Independent Y axes, that enable users to carry out tool changes without affecting cycle times, and high axes speed and acceleration guarantee high productivity.
Perfect execution of machining operations.
The Gantry structure has been designed to improve the precision and reliability of machining operations. The double X-axis motorisation supports high speeds and accelerations whilst ensuring high quality finish and precision.
ROVER C: Photo 2
A single platform to manage all machine processes.
ROVER C: Photo 3
Software for ROVER C
ROVER C: Photo 4
B_SOLID High-tech becomes accessible and intuitive
B_SOLID is a 3D cad cam software application that supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.
ROVER C: Photo 5
B_WINDOWS Maximum design freedom
B_WINDOWS is a seamlessly integrated plug-in for the planning of windows/door frames.
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