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Stechert Group

Biesse technology accompanies the growth of Stechert

“Auf diesen Stühlen sitzt die Welt” ("On these chairs sits the world") is the motto of the Stechert Group, which can effectively be taken literally.

Customer: Gruppo Stechert
City: Wilhermsdorf
Country: Germany
Website: stechert.de/

What began 60 years ago as a small manufacturing company for pram mouldings, furniture doors and door locks is today one of the largest international suppliers of contract and office chairs, as well as tubular steel furniture.

Stechert Group: Photo 1
“We want to be able to process panels of up to 5.90 metres. The automatic mode option was also chosen for this reason, because large, heavy panels cannot be handled manually any more.The machine was equipped with a pusher - the Twin pusher - which can perform any movement independently from the main pusher: not only concurrent cross-sectional and longitudinal cutting, but also the handling of two different finish lengths in a single cutting sequence”.
The automatic module of the Biesse beamsaw cuts delivery times to the customer by up to 50%.
Christoph Schlie Director
Christoph Schlie
Stechert Group: Photo 2
Stechert Group: Photo 3
Stechert Group: Photo 4
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