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3P Glazing Solutions

Creativity and technology in the automotive sector, for polycarbonate windows in a thousand shapes.

Today, 3P Glazing Solutions is a point of reference in the field of encapsulated glass and polycarbonate windows for car manufacturers and car glazing producers all over the world.

Customer: 3P Glazing Solutions
City: Settimo Torinese
Country: Italy
Website: 3p-italy.com

Specialising in the manufacture of high-performance solutions for car glazing applications, the company from Settimo Torinese boasts over twenty years of experience, during which it has gained a wealth of experience in the field, improving its expertise and building specific skills in the production of polycarbonate glass and windows. 3P Glazing Solutions has 17 employees and a production facility spanning 2400 square metres, entirely dedicated to the design of car windows, the production of encapsulated and super-light glass and windows for small series (or special series) production, as well as the creation of prototypes of encapsulated windows and super-light windows in plastic material. “We specialise in the development of transparent products, encapsulated glass and glazing and thermoplastics within the automotive sector. The goal that we have set ourselves is to understand what our customers want; we always place their needs - and the product they want to create - at the heart of everything we do”, explains Francesco Romano, Owner and Sales Director of 3P Glazing Solutions.

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The Turin-based company is particularly aware of the environmental impact of its activities, and has more than 1700 square metres of solar panels. This photovoltaic system, which is installed in two of the production plants, is capable of delivering 100 Kw of power, enabling the plants to be fully independent in terms of the electricity they consume. The company's focus on the environment is also reflected in the choice of materials used in the production process, which are always selected with great care: “We are very careful to use products that do not damage the environment,” confirms Romano.

3P Glazing Solutions is distinguished by the fact that every phase of the product manufacturing process is carried out internally: from the design of the product and the creation of the mould to the manufacture of prototypes and series-produced pieces. "The strengths that set the company apart lie in its high levels of specialisation, supported by the experienced workforce and the in-depth knowledge of materials and technologies for the moulding of polyurethane and thermoplastics, which enables 3P Glazing Solutions to create products of the very highest quality. “Our polycarbonate products have extremely complex shapes: we work with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley, and clients like these require a very high quality final product”, continues Francesco Sartore. “In Biesse, we have found a partner that allows us to produce different types of milled products with optimal quality standards, with production times that are extremely favourable from an industrial perspective, and at a price that is consistent with the type of product - all thanks to the use of the company's five-axis high-speed machinery”. 3P Glazing Solutions is equipped with three Biesse technologies: two Materia CL five-axis machining centres and one Professional machining centre. “Our partnership with Biesse, a relationship characterised by continuous technical assistance and support, enables us to improve on a daily basis, and to boost the performance of the technologies we use”, concludes Sartore.

“Our partnership with Biesse, a relationship characterised by continuous technical assistance and support, enables us to improve on a daily basis, and to boost the performance of the technologies we use”.
Francesco Romano Owner and Sales Director
Francesco Romano
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