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Xylexpo 2020, the unmissable appointment with the latest Biesse technological innovations.

For Biesse, Xylexpo 2020 (26-29 May) is an unmissable chance to present its most significant technological wood machining innovations, and let everyone know about the opportunities linked with the robotisation of productions processes.

During the 27th edition of Xylexpo, Biesse will be in “ACTION”, ready to present important new developments in terms of technologies, software and training that are the result of its continuous investment in innovation, R&D and training.

“With the aim of making even the smallest factories efficient, especially from the point of view of practicality and compliance with the strictest safety principles, Biesse is launching SMARTACTION - a concept dedicated to small and medium-sized companies but offering the advantages of Automaction, aimed at large industrialised systems. “We go on investing in the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, and constantly pursue the goal of a real, tangible factory that's connected and automated for the PMIs too. To truly meet the needs of our customers worldwide, we provide them with a factory that really is “a better place to live”, perfectly functional and increasingly safe. This means the operators, with a new sense of energy and enthusiasm, work in safeguarded environments where they can benefit from the use of Biesse technologies, expressing their creativity more fully and effectively”, says Federico Broccoli, head of the Wood/Sales Division and the Branches Division.



SmartAction is the new smart factory, designed for companies that want to make the most of the advantages offered by digitalisation, transforming the joinery into something compact, connected and accessible. The machines are all connected in real time and guarantee fast, optimised production, making the company more competitive. The customer can also benefit from the principle of production scalability defined by Biesse, modifying and increasing the various factory components as if they were production modules. 

At Xylexpo, visitors will be able to get a hands-on idea of this business context - a smart factory - that exploits all the power and effectiveness of highly integrated solutions for standardised processes, yet without foregoing the personalisation aspect.

The main focus of SMARTACTION is the integrated management of production using B_CABINET - the software that allows the various machines to exchange data and process production reports, all within a small floor space, with limited investment and an easy learning curve. Via the complete digitalisation of the processes, at the Biesse stand we'll show you how furnishings can be produced quickly, flexibly and with room for customisation.



On the other hand, AutomAction, launched during LIGNA 2019, is the key to strengthening and enhancing the production performance of large-scale industry. The concept coordinates people and robots and channels the infinite capacity offered by machines to make the connected, integrated and digitalised factory of tomorrow a reality today. The new B_CABINET SUITE modules that will be presented during the fair enable B_CABINET to design and to schedule/execute all orders.



“Worldwide presence, continuous training, and campuses open 365 days of the year: these are the three mainstays of our strategy to better serve our customers worldwide. 13 Biesse Campuses and more than 30 showrooms, to be everywhere in the world, wherever the customer needs us. That's why we set up the Sydney Biesse Campus last year, with a showroom of 2,000 square metres given over to the latest innovations for machining wood, advanced materials, stone and glass, and the Ulm Biesse Campus, with over 6,000 square metres of display area for technologies, systems and training centres”, states Raphaël Prati, Corporate Marketing Communications Director. “March will see the opening of the new Moscow Campus, further boosting Biesse's presence on the Russian market.”

 “They're places where you can live the practical experience, attending seminars and training courses dedicated to fundamental topics for those in the woodworking field - the latest trends in the world of design, materials, hardware or tools - along with technical, personalised demonstrations on our machines”, explains Prati.



“We make significant investments in Research & Development to ensure the continuous improvement of our technologies and the digitalisation processes of our customers. What's more, the network of new business sectors, along with the professionalism and skills of our personnel, allow us every day to confirm our role as a leading reference in this sector, and reinforce the presence of our Group at international level”, declares Stefano Porcellini, Managing Director of Biesse.

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