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Sky Corporation

The innovation behind the Uniteam machining centre takes centre stage in the Japanese housing market

Sky Corporation is one of the top Japanese companies to produce CLT panels. Founded in 1990, the company grew significantly and currently owns 6 factories, 2 sales offices, 3 logistics centres, a team of 195 people and revenues of 50 million USD per year.

Customer: Sky Corporation
City: Himeji city, Hyogo
Country: Japan
Website: sky-japan.co.jp
Product: UNITEAM CLT 400

The company produces components for wood houses, structural materials for non-residential buildings up to 3,000 m2 (pre-cut using CAD/CAM), panels and other wood products. "We have a vast range of customers, from builders to woodworkers, and from companies that sell wood to other businesses. Very different companies share a common interest in quality materials machined with the utmost precision, with no errors or defects and limited costs" stated Yukitsugu Takahashi, Sky Corporation president. "What sets us apart from our competitors is our technology, no other company in the sector has a high-tech production process that can compare," Yukitsugu Takahashi continued. In 2015, Sky Corporation purchased a Uniteam machining centre to be able to handle machining that the company couldn't achieve with the equipment it already owned. “Thanks to this new purchase, we are now able to use a machine for machining operations that were previously done manually, thus improving productivity and performance. We are able to process pre-cut panels for non-residential use with Japanese machines, but we use the Uniteam machining centre for longer components, complex joints, and CLT panels, which our previous machines were unable to handle. Thanks to its powerful and efficient CAD/CAM software, the Uniteam has significantly cut the number of cases where manual work was required as well as significantly cutting costs and helping optimise company logistics. Plus, the CAD/CAM software used by the Uniteam can interface with all CAD software available on the market".

Sky Corporation: Photo 1
Sky Corporation decided on the Uniteam machining centre after a scrupulous visit of the Italian Company. “Before buying, I visited their factory to see the Uniteam in action, I learned about their approach to developing this technology and met with their very enthusiastic and efficient team. The company that produces Uniteam has become a valid partner of ours, and we have worked together on improving the machine's performance to meet our production needs. The fact that Uniteam became part of the Biesse furher motivated us to strengthen our collaboration. The financially sound company and continued investments in consulting and services further back up their skill and reliability," the president of Sky Corporation explained. Sky Corporation is happy to use the Uniteam machining centre as part of its production process, especially to meet market demand in Japan following the recent introduction of CLT panels.
Owning this technology allowed us to accept a growing number of orders from customers who are building houses and other structures based on this new technique. It was a wise investment and has helped us grow significantly.
Yukitsugu Takahashi President.
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