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Beam saws SELCO PLAST WN 6: Photo 1
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Numerical control beam saws

The result of technological research for top class performance.
Selco Plast WN 6 is a professional range of beam saws with one cutting line, designed to produce medium-sized batches.
Beam saws SELCO PLAST WN 6: Photo 2
Cutting quality
The protrusion of the main blade and the opening of the presser are automatically adjusted by the numerical control on the basis of the thickness of the book to be cut, thereby obtaining the best cutting quality in all working conditions.
Precision cutting
The robust pushing carriage driven by a brushless motor on hardened racks and cemented gear wheels, together with the magnetic band positioning control and component locking via independent grippers, guarantee the utmost cutting precision and quality for panels of various formats and sizes.
Maximum machining operation precision
Beam saws SELCO PLAST WN 6: Photo 3
Fast, accurate positioning of the panels for optimum cutting precision, thanks to the robust pusher carriage activated by a brushless motor. The slide surface below the pushing device is fitted with independent rollers to avoid marking delicate surfaced panels.
Beam saws SELCO PLAST WN 6: Photo 4
Independent and self-levelling grippers, ensure the book is firmly secured. Their specific design and machine logic enable the full ejection of cut panels from the cutting line, making it easier for the operator to handle both panels and waste.
Beam saws SELCO PLAST WN 6: Photo 5
Perfect alignment of very thin and/or flexible panels, minimising cycle times thanks to the side alignment stop integrated in the blade carriage.
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