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Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.

Today is the last day of Inside, the unmissable event allowing customers first-hand contact with Biesse technology, and held in Pesaro from 10 to 21 October.

Inside Biesse is the traditional event that confirms and reinforces Biesse's commitment to provide innovative solutions to automate and revolutionise its customers' production processes. The Pesaro showroom opened its doors to offer a tailor-made experience with technological solutions, software and digital services that breathe life and shape into interconnected, automated business.
Thanks to a booking system set up purposely for the event, and made available online on the new website https://www.live.biesse.com, customers were able to book their visit autonomously, on the basis of daily availability and the safety measures in force.
“We're concentrating on in-house events to provide a complete experience for customers, who can obtain benefits by combining their own skills with ours throughout the various production processes. Our showroom is designed to be able to host an event aimed simultaneously at several companies from around the world, to whom we dedicate the same attention with exclusive, personalised demos”, explains Ettore Vichi, Chief Regional Officer EMEA and APAC.

More than 32 technological solutions on display, over 200 experts ready to advise on the best solution, 5000 square metres of Campus: these are the Biesse numbers chosen to guarantee a truly complete experience made up of exclusive personalised demos, tailor-made for the customer.
The showroom layout is structured around AUTOMACTION and SMARTACTION, Biesse's two contributions to the digital transformation (the former is designed to address the needs of large industrial facilities looking to strengthen and boost manufacturing performance, while the latter meets the needs of small and medium sized businesses), with all the advantages of digitalisation plain to see. The Batch One sectioning line is up and running in the showroom, combining batch-1 production and small batch production to suit needs. This line is made up of the Winstore 3D K1 automatic magazine that feeds the Selco WN 6 ROS automatic panel saw and NEXTSTEP X1 - the in-line panel saw that brings together productivity, flexibility and squaring precision.
There's also the automatic integrated cell, consisting of the Rover B Edge edgebanding centre equipped with the TM15 pre-melter and the Hyperpod positioning system and integrated with Synchro; and then the high-performance Rover B FT HD nesting centre complete with ROS and the brand new T-JET - Biesse's patented system (and the only one of its kind on the market) for removing chips and dust during milling operations. These solutions are the best demonstration of Biesse's focus on automation.
The high technology created by Biesse emerges in its stand-alone devices too - for instance Winline, the new numerical control multi-centre for producing door and window frames, or the Akron 1300 and Akron 1400 automatic edgebanding machines equipped with Hybrid Top Melt TM15 (the new hybrid system for on-demand glue melting from above). Then the Stream A and Stream B MDS edgebanding machines the first fitted out with the AR70 corner rounding unit and the second with the EMS (Edge System Management) device guaranteeing outstanding flexibility thanks to its new banding material container, Ergochange, designed to ergonomically manage a wide combination of edgebanding strips.
Biesse's extensive range isn't complete without the Rover machining centres with the new XPS (Extreme Positioning System) work tables that enable the simultaneous positioning of all the locking systems.
The ample choice of Biesse machines sees the début of the Brema Eko 1.1, the new automatic vertical boring machine that, as the smallest in the range, combines performance and flexibility in a limited space and aims to provide premium technology at a competitive price. Made up of first class components and able to handle endless machining operations, this new boring machine is the first investment for small businesses.
When it comes to technological materials, there's the Materia CL, Rover Plast K FT, Rover Plast A FT and Rover Plast B FT integrated with the Winstore K1 automatic magazine, and the Selco Plast WN6 panel saw. Thanks to virtual reality, the demonstration is completed by the Terma thermoformer and the Primus water jet cutting centre.
Visitors were able to discover all the advantages of the SOPHIA IoT platform, the B_SUITE package and Smartconnection - the new software for in-house order management covering the entire process from order generation through to scheduling and production and able to connect the machines to create a real 4.0 factory. And not forgetting iX by IMOS, the parametric CAD-CAM system for the 3D designing of interiors and furnishings that's the result of the collaboration with IMOS.

During the event, a part of the showroom was given over to virtual reality - an innovative experience set up thanks to the collaboration with Signum Digital and allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the Biesse technologies.

"Over the past two years, Biesse has launched a thorough modernisation process within the group to become faster and more innovative: the company structure has been streamlined and an internal and international reorganisation has begun, based on a transversal logic and the business processes. This evolution, which will be advantageous for our customers and enable us to compete in an ever-changing market, taken the form of a new visual identity and a single brand that we revealed to our customers on the occasion of the Inside event” explains Raphaël Prati, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer.

Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.: Photo 1
Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.: Photo 2
Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.: Photo 3
Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.: Photo 4
Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.: Photo 5
Inside 2022 - a complete experience, tailor-made for the customer.: Photo 6
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