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Biesse at K 2022: the latest trends for plastic and composite materials on show in Düsseldorf.

It's time for K, the international trade fair specialised in plastic and rubber, taking place in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October 2022. K is the world's most important trade fair in this sector, and has been held every three years since 1952. The last edition was in 2019 and saw 3,330 exhibitors from 63 countries in a 177,000 m² net exhibition space, with 224,116 professional visitors (73% of them from abroad).

“K is the most important fair in the world for the plastic materials and rubber industry, as confirmed by the numbers which make this event the leading one in terms of exhibitors, visitors and exhibition space. That's why it's an unmissable opportunity for us to create new business relations and strengthen existing ones, keeping up with the new market trends. So we're pleased to invite all visitors to our stand, where they'll find a complete overview of the manufacturing industry and can discover the advantages of our technologies, which will help make their production process more efficient and intelligent” explains Lanfranco Fontanelli, Glass, Stone and Advanced Materials Commercial Director.



In Hall 3, Stand B17, Biesse is putting on display the most innovative technologies designed for all the machining phases of plastic and composite materials, showing the evolution of the production process which is now more efficient and intelligent thanks to innovative machines, software and advanced tools.

In Hall 3, Stand B17, the Rover Plast A FT multi-function numerical control machining centre for working large and small sheets of plastic will be on display, along with the Materia CL machining centre for the large-scale trimming, milling and 3D modelling of model-mould resins of plastic and composite materials.


The former stands out for its optimum precision, quality and machining variety: Rover A Plast FT is, in fact, the ideal solution for machining the most common and highly requested materials on the market such as PE, PP, PVC and PMMA, but also composites and technopolymers, extruded and foam rubber materials in various formats, sizes, thicknesses and densities. The extremely rigid and well-balanced structure can withstand notable machining strain and ensure high levels of precision.

The second machine on show is the Materia CL 5-axis machining centre that can handle extreme work requirements: designed and built to work large quantities of advanced materials, composites with complex forms, special or stratified resins for mould models, Materia CL is particularly recommended for the automobile, moulding, aeronautical and boating industries.

K will also be the perfect opportunity to show off the advantages of the software packages available on all the numerical control technologies and integrated with the machines to guarantee excellent ease of use for the operator - in particular Smartconnection, the new software for managing job orders in-house from generation through to scheduling and their effective production start-up.



In collaboration with Signum Digital, Biesse has created an innovative experience for visitors with the aid of virtual reality.

“We're exploring a new way of presenting the technologies, giving the customer an all-round view of our universe. During the fair, a part of the stand will be given over to virtual reality: we want to offer visitors an innovative experience in line with an increasingly digital and constantly growing world”, says Matteo Nazionale, Glass, Stone and Advanced Materials Product Director. More specifically, the following solutions will be included in the VR experience: The Primus water jet cutting system and the Terma thermoformer. 

Visitors to the stand will also be able to make use of an interactive display which offers a broad overview of Biesse technologies and a range of the main Made With Biesse partnerships and testimonials.



On the stand, visitors will be able to experience for themselves all the typical emotions of a Moto GP race, thanks to the Moto GP simulator designed around a real racing bike to reproduce the feel of the leading sports bikes with a realistic, professional system.



Over the past two years, Biesse launched a thorough process of modernisation of the group, with the aim of becoming faster and more innovative. The new visual identity, deemed necessary to align group and brand positioning, was unveiled to customers at K; it conveys the group's new values and identity while still retaining the distinctive features of the various sectors in which it operates. “Biesse's evolution will benefit our customers, as well as allowing us to compete in an increasingly changeable market. Due to the all-encompassing nature of this transformation, we decided to explicitly express it through a new visual identity” declared Roberto Selci, CEO of Biesse [press release available in the press folder].

Biesse at K 2022: the latest trends for plastic and composite materials on show in Düsseldorf.: Photo 1
Biesse at K 2022: the latest trends for plastic and composite materials on show in Düsseldorf.: Photo 2
Biesse at K 2022: the latest trends for plastic and composite materials on show in Düsseldorf.: Photo 3
Biesse at K 2022: the latest trends for plastic and composite materials on show in Düsseldorf.: Photo 4
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