ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 1
Rover B FT, hem panellerin, küçük kapıların, mobilya bileşenlerinin ve kanepe kasalarının nesting işlemi hem de pleksi cam, plastik, alikobant, alüminyum ve akrilik malzemeler için tasarlanmış kızak sistemine ve FT çalışma tablasına sahip yeni CNC işlem merkezidir.
ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 2
ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 3

Dust intake manifold between machine and unloading belt.

ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 4

Vacuum modules freely positionable on the FT work table without the need for dedicated connections.

ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 5

8 to 49 tools and aggregates available in the tool changer, which are loaded automatically when switching from one machining operation to the next.

Made-to-measure turnkey factories, plus the integration of Biesse Group solutions with complementary software and machinery, with over 1000 systems installed worldwide.
Integrated robot solutions.

Biesse offers its customers pragmatic solutions for factory automation.

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 6
ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 7
Customisable configurations in accordance with different production needs.

Configuration with a 4-axis working unit combined with a 5-axis working unit, for maximum flexibility at all times.

ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 8
Customisable configurations in accordance with different production needs.

Configuration with 2 identical working units to maximize the production of elements.

Tüm işleme süreçlerinin yönetilmesi için tek bir platform.
ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 9
Yazılım ROVER B FT
ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 10
B_NEST Redukcja czasu i strat
ROVER B FT: Fotoğraf 11
B_CABINET Ideas take form and shape
B_CABINET is the bSuite plugin for furniture design.

Biesse Rover B FT - Alucobond Processing with Aerotech

Rover B FT is the new NC processing centre with gantry structure and FT work table not only for the nesting of panels, small doors, furniture components and frames for sofas but also plexiglass, plastic, alucobond, aluminium and acrylics.

Biesse Rover B FT - Particleboard Nesting

Particleboard Nesting Full Demo.

Biesse Rover B FT - Plywood Nesting

See the Biesse ROVER B FT cutting nesting on plywood. ROVER B FT is the new Flat Table machine from Biesse.

Stack Processing - Rover B FT - Biesse

See the Rover B FT automatically loading and cutting a stack of plywood panels. The new multiple panels pickup system and the rollers hold-down unit allow to simultaneously cut a stack of panels for an unprecedented productivity.

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