ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 1
Zanaatkarlar için teknoloji
Rover M5, farklı, eşsiz ürünler, büyük nesneler ve tasarım ürünler oluşturmak için tasarlanan işlem merkezidir. Bu alanda eşsiz olan teknoloji, en zorlu işleme süreçlerini uygun maliyetle gerçekleştirmek üzere tasarlanmıştır.
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ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 3
Module for vacuum locking system
ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 4
SA (Set Up Assistance)
The assisted set-up work table suggests to the operator how to position the pan¬el, (indicating the position of work tables and blocking systems) and protects the work area from any collisions with the tool.
ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 5
UFT (Universal Flat Table)
Work table in aluminium with holes for attaching customised locking systems.
The work table
Multiple tooling options for locking complex shapes securely in place

The work table can be customised according to machining requirements, allowing high-volume pieces, moulds etc. to be securely locked in place. The machine can be equipped with any type of tool, for processing even the most unique and unusual pieces.

Exclusive technology

The Rover M5 work table allows for pieces measuring up to 535 mm in height to be loaded. Can be customised according to requirements, and equipped with any type of tool, to lock even parts with more complex shapes firmly in place. The Rover M5 is extremely compact and offers high levels of performance, with a working field of 3200x1600x536 mm in a space of 6440x2825x2640 (everything included).

Machine encasing
Increased visibility in total safety.

The machine encasing allows the operator to follow the machining operation in complete safety, ensuring a full view of the machine.

The encasing on this type of machine enables machining operations on delicate, three-dimensional objects, without any risk of damage to the workpiece.

ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 6
Compactness on three dimensions
The Rover M5 has been developed to make moving around the machine as easy as possible for the operator.
ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 7
Maximum ease of tooling
1 revolving magazine with 16 standard positions, which can be accessed through the opening in the cab, along with an optional 16 position revolving magazine which can be tool via the 5-axis group.
ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 8
Increased visibility.
The machine encasing allows the operator
to follow the machining operation in complete
safety, ensuring a full view of the machine.
Tüm işleme süreçlerinin yönetilmesi için tek bir platform.
ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 9
Yazılım ROVER M5
ROVER M5: Fotoğraf 10
bSolid Plan, simulate, prototype
The 3D cad cam software program that supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.
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