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Rover Gold is the compact machining centre designed for high performances capable of meeting various levels of production requirements. It’s the ideal machine for those who require a flexible and reliable solution.
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It is possible to switch from one machining operation to the next with no need for operator intervention for tool changes with revolver type 16 pockets tool magazine.

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The innovative ATS (Advanced Table setting-System) work table has a universal design for great flexibility and fast setup.

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Motorised conveyor belt for the removal of chips and waste (Optional).

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Boring Head BH 26 2L.

The high technological content of the machining centres most widely sold in the world meets the requirements of wood industry professionals. Configurations equipped with 3 or 4 independent and interpolation axes and fitted with aggregates capable of handling any type of machining operation. The components of all the configurations are the same as those one used in higher-end solutions.
Tüm işleme süreçlerinin yönetilmesi için tek bir platform.
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B_SOLID High-tech becomes accessible and intuitive
B_SOLID, özel üretim süreçleri için tasarlanmış dikey modülleri sayesinde tüm işleme süreçlerini destekleyen bir 3D cad cam yazılım uygulamasıdır.
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B_CABINET Ideas take form and shape
B_CABINET is the bSuite plugin for furniture design.
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