Sophia IoT Features & Benefits

The SOPHIA service platform is based on the ability to send real-time information and data on the technologies in use, optimizing the performance and productivity of machines and systems.

  • Remote Diagnostic (alarms & warnings analysis)

  • Proactive Hotline

  • Machine Performance and Usage Analysis

  • Full package includes a Diagnostic Visit with a Performance report

  • Video Assistance Service

  • Access to Customer mobile App

  • Priority SOPHIA hotline assistance

  • Improve Uptime

  • Easy Communication Customer – Biesse Service

  • Better Machine Usage

  • Transparency of Machine Performance

A Priceless Operator:

“It’s such a relief to know that SOPHIA is safely monitoring even the smallest component of our investment. With SOPHIA it’s like having an extremely specialized technician from Biesse alongside the machine at all times, ready to let us know if there are any issues that we can’t see or predict. What a relief!”

­— Nicola Bigoni, Falegnameria Arredamenti Bigoni

For more information, contact us: 1-877-824-3773,

More Sophia IoT Features:

Performance Monitoring :
  • Machine performance monitoring through General Statistics and Standard KPI

Service Request & Machine Down Tracking:
  • Service Request and Machine Down resolution process visibility (possibility to upload photos / videos)

Priority SOPHIA hotline assistance :
  • Prioritized hotline service support (Italy)

Advanced KPI:
  • Performance monitoring through specific KPIs for each machine family

In-App Notification:
  • Notification system for production and maintenance optimization

Video Assistance:
  • Remote video assistance session with Biesse Service

Technical Documentation:
  • Access to machine technical documentation via SOPHIA Parts app


Service not delivered via Mobile App

  • Real-time monitoring of selected machine performance parameters

Software Manager:

Service not delivered via Mobile App

  • Remote software update (PLC/WRT, no bSolid)

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