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With our experts at your disposal, we look forward to welcoming you and helping you to find the solutions you are looking for.

Use the code HHW22BIESSE on the Holz-Handwerk portal. Come and visit us, and we will introduce you to a highly innovative world that can be customised to meet your specific needs!

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The integration of machines with the various production management systems, the connection with the machine and the understanding established with the operator enables the digital factory to take shape: this is what visitors will discover when visiting the Biesse stand.
Nicola Giombini Commercial Director Systems
Holz-Handwerk 2022: Photo 1
Automated cells. Rover B Edge + Synchro

Synchro is a loading/unloading device that transforms the Rover machining centre into an automatic cell for producing a stack of panels autonomously (without the need for an operator). Synchro can also machine stacks of different-sized panels, thanks to stack reference device and the panel prealignment cycle, which is performed while the machine is running, while the Rover machining centre processes the previous panel.

Holz-Handwerk 2022: Photo 2
Automated cells. Selco WN2 + Winstore + Rover B FT

Winstore is an automated storage for the optimised management of panels for large contract manufacturers, which guarantees production with reduced times and costs. Winstore can be integrated into nesting and sizing cells with a significant increase in productivity.

Holz-Handwerk 2022: Photo 3
Automated cells. Brema Eko 2.2 + ROS

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

Holz-Handwerk 2022: Photo 4
Stand-alone machines WinLine

WinLine is Biesse’s new CNC multi-centre for the production of doors and windows, designed for artisans and small industries aiming to increase production and for medium and large industries who need to produce small batches of unusual size or remakes. The system produces both standard and special doors and windows with the utmost simplicity while the operator handles other tasks; the machine only takes up a small area and handles the loading, unloading and positioning of pieces autonomously and with extreme precision.

Automated solutions at the Nuremberg trade fair.
Come and discover our integrated solutions at Holz-Handwerk, from 12 to 15 July. In HALL 11, Biesse will be ready to greet you, and take you on a journey towards the connected, highly integrated factory of the future. You will also have the chance to experience our software solutions, which can deliver fast, efficient and optimised production.


All this is possible with the support of dedicated software for the design and optimisation of your factory, enabling you to programme your orders from the moment they are generated to the scheduling and actual launch of production, in a simple and integrated manner. The software package includes the CAD/CAM B_EDGE, B_SOLID software and the B_OPTI, N_NEST optimisation software, while the production planning and control stages are carried out using SMARTCONNECTION.

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Live the experience
Technological solutions Biesse at Holz-Handwerk: the factory of the future is already a reality.
Exhibitions and Events Jul 12, 2022
Technological solutions Biesse at Holz-Handwerk: the factory of the future is already a reality.
Holz-Handwerk 2022, which runs until 15 July, is one of the first opportunities, in person again, to learn about Biesse's technology solutions and discover all the benefits of digitisation. Now in its twentieth year, the trade fair, an international point of reference for manufacturing industry, offers visitors the chance to discover the latest innovations and market trends.
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Biesse technologies at Holz Handwerk 2022 for factory automation in the spirit of Industry 4.0.
Exhibitions and Events May 17, 2022
Biesse technologies at Holz Handwerk 2022 for factory automation in the spirit of Industry 4.0.
Holz-Handwerk 2022, which runs from 12 to 15 July, is set to be an unmissable opportunity to get to know the new Biesse technological solutions, and to discover all the advantages that digitalisation offers.
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The automation of the factory in the spirit of industry 4.0
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