AWFS 2019

July 17-20 See timetable
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV Open in Maps
AWFS 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV Open in Maps
AUTOMACTION: Integrate, connect, digitize

At AWFS, Biesse will present some of the most innovative technology available in the industry from affordable, high quality entry-level machines up to the most technologically advanced solutions available for panel processing, solid wood manufacturing, plastic manufacturing as well as the production of non-ferrous metals and composite materials.

Product specialists will be on hand to explain the latest trends and technology designed to reduce set up time and increase productivity and we will also have a dedicated area for demonstrations on the innovative SOPHIA IoT and bSolid software that takes you from concept to design in just a few clicks!

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Biesse experts
At AWFS our Revolutionary ROS (Robotic Operating System) will make it’s North American Debut!
Paolo Pezzoli Selco Product Area Manager
At AWFS our Revolutionary ROS (Robotic Operating System) will make it’s North American Debut!
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AUTOMACTION: Integrate, connect, digitize

AWFS 2019

Visit our booth #8036 and #8636 to discover our 16,000 sq ft of technology!

AWFS Seminar Thursday, July 18 @ 7:30 - 9:00 am

Cesare Magnani Presents Processing Solid Wood Components on CNC

Cesare Magnani will give an in-depth look into the benefits a CNC machining center can bring into solid wood components processing. We will explore the importance of different features and what kind of solution is better suited for different production needs. We will also discuss techniques to maximize efficiency and productivity.

AWFS SEMINAR Thursday, July 18 @ 7:30 - 9:00 am

Jason Varelli Presents Labor Shortage Got You Down? Automation is the Solution!

Are you constantly fighting to keep and/or find employees? This situation will not change going forward so we all must adapt and automation is the only solution which will allow you to keep producing at your current rate or even higher. Jason Varelli will share how automation is available in all shapes and forms, making it available for all shop sizes and not just large shops.

AWFS Seminar Friday, July 19 @ 7:30 - 9:00 am

Jason Varelli Presents Emerging Trends in Edgebanding

What the market is looking for is higher quality and better bonding performance. This workshop is perfect for delivering valuable insight into latest industry trends for edgebanding and easy ways to create high-quality products without the high-end price tag. Jason Varelli will discuss and demonstrate the different applications for EVA and PUR Glues and alternate application systems. Hot Air Banding will also be presented to demonstrate glueless high gloss banding, and high-gloss acrylic laminate panels will be displayed for you to examine. Learn how innovative edgebanding technology can improve the quality of your product and bottom line.


New RayForce System Technology eliminates glue lines, maximizes quality

The North American debut of the RayForce System (RFS) from Biesse for the Rover Edge Series of CNC contouring edgebanders will be at AWFS 2019!

Products on Display

CNC Woodworking Machines


This wood CNC machine is for the manufacturing of furniture, window, and door frames.

CNC Woodworking Machines


Edgebanding CNC machining centers from the Rover B Edge range allow users to carry out machining operations to shape and edgeband panels on a single machine.

CNC Woodworking Machines


Rover A is the flexible new high-performance NC machining centre with a gantry structure, designed for customers who want to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly but with excellent results.

Edgebanding Machines

JADE 200

A range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines purposely created for craftsmen and companies looking for user-friendly, customized production and flexible solutions in a limited space

Edgebanding Machines

AKRON 1300

A range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines purposely created for craftsmen and companies looking for a flexible solution that is user-friendly, and has the ability for customized production in a limited space

Edgebanding Machines

AKRON 1400

A range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in either rolls or strips

Edgebanding Machines


The new range of automated single-sided edgebanding machines aimed at medium size companies who wish to increase their production capacity

Edgebanding Machines

AKRON 1100

The smallest automatic single-sided edgebanding machine of the range and the only one of its kind on the market. This edgebanding machine is designed for small-scale artisans and companies looking for user-friendliness and optimum quality - common features of all Biesse machines

Wide Belt Sanders


The most compact, high-performance wide belt sanding machine for woodwork in its category

Wide Belt Sanders


This wide belt sanding machine for wood offers superior levels of performance for a modest investment

Wide Belt Sanders


Opera 5 is the modular finishing centre that can be used in any type of application; it represents the ultimate expression of configurability

Wide Belt Sanders


This woodworking wide belt sanding machine is unique, offering levels of machinability, precision and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector.
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July 17 - 19, 2019 9:00am-5:00pm

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Las Vegas Convention Center Open in Maps
Booth #8036, #8636
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