STREAM B: Photo 1
Perfect edgebanding
Stream B is a single sided edgebander that meets the needs of large companies for high productivity. It can cover three work shifts, 7 days a week, and has an endless number of possibilities for product customisation based on production requirements.
No compromise on quality and productivity for consistent, excellent edgebanding. Stream B is an edgebanding machine that can be placed in a line system. Its excellent configurability and maximum customisation make it an ideal product that embodies Biesse’s high engineering skills. Stream B can be set up to operate with a right-to-left or left-to-right flow. Stream B productivity on the loading/ unloading line is much higher than a stand-alone solution both in terms of quality and performance. Stream B is the ideal solution for a company that wants to make the switch to Industry 4.0.
New RB50
Maximum flexibility thanks to one single tool for machining up to 5 different profiles. Thanks to the 7 axes with NC control, the tool position can be adapted to even the slightest variations in the edgebanding strip and panel.
STREAM B: Photo 2
The IT90P, a linear edge trimming unit with stepper movement for higher speeds, enables work rates of up to h30 m/ min.
STREAM B: Photo 3
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ONSITE Woodwork
Winstore sets the pace for new production flow.
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