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Numerical control flexible cutting center

Two simultaneous processes in one machine
The NextStep flexible cutting center is the only solution on the market that combines two processes in one: the flexibility of a machine with router and the precision of a squaring machine.
Maximum squaring precision
The Nextstep flexible cutting center guarantees perfect squaring thanks to the simultaneous use of two routers and the combined action of the rear pushing device grippers, side gripper and vertical pressers.
Maximum efficiency and high productivity
Nextstep allows users to machine two overlapping panels.
Panel Saws NEXTSTEP: Photo 2

Biesse Nextstep X1 - Panel Processing

Discover the new Biesse NEXTSTEP X1, the revolutionary batch one production machine capable to join the features of a nesting machine and a double end tennoner.

With its single panel output, the NEXTSTEP X1 is the perfect machine to feed a production line.

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