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Vermont Farm Table

Biesse workhorses help Vermont Farm Table run like the wind

Vermont Farm Table sets out to build something that lasts. They call themselves the "Guardians of the Grain".

Client: Vermont Farm Table
Ville: Burlington, VT
Pays: États-Unis
Product: OPERA 5 ROVER A 16

Vermont is a state with more than 50 species of trees, so it’s no wonder the folks at Vermont Farm Table consider themselves to be “Guardians of the Grain.” Their Biesse Rover A, 5-Axis NC processing center and Viet Opera 5.4 planer/sander have helped them further elevate their dedication to creating heirloom tables that are “built to gather” for generations of families. They also make handmade, customizable wooden chairs, stools and benches and kitchen goods, and sometimes even venture into cabinets, cubbies, desks and shelving.

With their booming business, Biesse machines have enabled the shop to efficiently create uniquely shaped items, while dramatically increasing their sanding quality, upholding their 4-to-6 week lead time, and leaving their craftsmen time to hike, ski and enjoy the good life in their amazing little corner of the country.

“We started using our Rover A in April 2016. Having a 5th axis head has made a world of difference,” said Michael Bergeron, Vermont Farm Table’s Operations Manager. “Its capabilities have really help set us apart from standard hand-made shops because we are able to create products with crazy surfaces and unique shapes, as well as lengths, widths and thicknesses that most companies have to turn away. For example, we make a lot of corporate office tables that have power and data units incorporated in their tops. Rover A makes these special-cuts with ease and perfection. The sky is the limit on what we can make.”

With the addition a Biesse Viet planer/sander, time devoted to sanding has dropped dramatically. “With our previous sander, we were averaging 40-to-60 minutes per tabletop, passing through on both sides,” Bergeron said. “With the Viet, we are now averaging 5 minutes per tabletop, run on both sides.” Thanks to the planer head and super finishing head on the Viet Opera, Vermont Farm Table is now able to take its sanding from rough gluing up to a 400 grit finish sand in one pass.

Vermont Farm Table: Photo 1

Bergeron also has high praise for Biesse’s software innovations. “The new B Solid software is much easier to use and read. Most of our tables are created with a custom 3D drawing that can be exported as a DXF file and uploaded into B Solid. We can add tooling and quickly turn the projects into programs, ultimately smoothing overall production flow,” he said.

Bergeron’s background in machine operating and programming at previous employers gave him plenty of experience with competitors’ machines. Biesse’s capabilities, ease of training with user-friendly interfaces and, most importantly, pricing made the most difference in the decision to work with Biesse Product Area Manager Jim Murphy. “Other companies don’t offer the big package for the right price,” Bergeron said. “Biesse’s machines have consistently run strong. Anytime there have been issues, the support team has been extremely helpful in getting us up and running again. We are fully impressed with Biesse and will continue to grow our business with Biesse.”

With the Viet, we are now averaging 5 minutes per tabletop, run on both sides.
Michael Bergeron Vermont Farm Table Operations Manager
Vermont Farm Table: Photo 2
Vermont Farm Table: Photo 3
Vermont Farm Table: Photo 4
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