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States Industries

Creating the panels of your dreams

A hardwood panel producer with a reputation for innovation.

Client: States Industries
Ville: Eugene, OR
Pays: États-Unis

Biesse is pleased to find our machines integrated into the automated and comprehensive production line of States Industries in Eugene, Oregon. States Industries has been in the business for fifty years, using hardwood veneers on plywood with prefinished maple, walnut and cherry that is sent to States components division for added value processes.

States Industries is in the business of creating any panels a customer can dream of, from wall systems to doors. Setting them apart from competitors on the West Coast and throughout the world is States’ high end, custom manufacturing quality and an average of seven-day turnaround time for most products, with Biesse machinery playing a critical role. Starting with two Selco Panel Saws, their line includes two Stream edge banders and six Biesse CNC machining centers, all configured depending on the customer’s request. Since States Industries creates custom pieces, flexible machines with high quality output are necessary throughout their shop.

“We’ve been with Biesse for 25 years, and they have allowed us to grow our business multiple times over these past years. As technology improves, we have continued to upgrade our Biesse equipment, providing us the ability to have such a fast turnaround time.” said Donnie Graves upon recommending Biesse. “We chose Biesse as our machinery provider because the salesman walked us through the entire process, including the machinery we needed for the present and the future. The equipment has proved itself strong and routine maintenance is easy and straightforward. The effort and information provided from the sales and support teams have played a positive role in our rapid growth over the past five years.”

States Industries: Photo 1

Not only does States Industries rely on Biesse machinery to produce high-quality machining but they also rely on Biesse software to ensure their clients receive the best possible product. “The software on our Biesse machines has great programming capabilities. We can satisfy just about any customer request with the 3D modeling and show prototypes without having to physically create it. The process control software is also a feature that is vital to our success.”

“Our favorite feature of our Biesse machines is they are easy to operate, so operator training can happen fast and we can have the machines running quickly as well. I would absolutely recommend Biesse for their dependable equipment. We have a great relationship with Biesse because they constantly provide new information, keep us up to date on hardware and software and they don’t try to sell us equipment we don’t need. It’s just been a great relationship.”

When it comes to technology, States Industries has no problem adjusting to the digital world. “Technology is absolutely critical, as it allows us to interface with customer needs through the internet. We can find out exactly what the customer is looking for much faster, allowing us to create it faster and more accurately. On the machinery side, technology is here to stay and keeps it simple.” said Graves. States Industries has sailed to the top of the panel processing manufacturers and, with Biesse at their side, will remain there for years to come.

I would absolutely recommend Biesse for their dependable equipment.
Donnie Graves Components Plant Manager
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States Industries: Photo 3
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