Natural Expressions Furniture

Natural Expressions Furniture creates marvelous solid wood custom furniture and custom closets with the automation of Biesse's machinery.

Natural Expressions Furniture in River Grove, Illinois has grown into a company with two drastically different aspects of business.

Client: Natural Expression Furniture
Ville: River Grove, Illinois
Pays: États-Unis

Beginning as a high-end custom solidwood furniture shop, they also now manufactuer custom closets and Biesse America has had the pleasure of standing alongside their continued growth. Natural Expressions’ journey with Biesse America began in the Fall of 2013 when Owner, Brandon Bailes, requested more information on a sander that would fit his budget and could be used for solidwood sanding, veneer and sealer sanding. A Biesse representative recommended the Viet S211 VN. Although Biesse America did not currently have a Viet S211 set up in our Charlotte show room, we had one installed and brought Brandon in for the next Biesse Inside event where he could run his raw and sealed boards to see the machine’s capabilities first-hand. After witnessing the sanding flexibility and quality of the Viet S211 VN, combined with its reasonable price, Bailes locked in his decision to move forward.

At the Inside Biesse event, Brandon was able to learn more about available automation that could help propel his company to the next level, in particular CNC machines and Edgebanders - even though he had no immediate need for either machine. In the months following the event, Brandon spent many hours talking with other shops and found need for a closet manufactuer located near the heart of Chicago. Lucky for Brandon, his existing shop had the perfect location and availabile space to add closet manufacturing, allowing local closet companies to avoid the notorious Chicago traffic. Combined with what he learned at Inside Biesse, he had the necessary knowledge to create this profitable venture. Within a few short months, Natural Expressions Furnture was running a Klever 1530 High Speed and a Jade Edgebander. With that combination, this three man shop surpassed production of shops almost triple their size and space with ease and quick turnaround time.

Natural Expressions Furniture: Photo 1
The best part about our Biesse machines is the versatility and reliability of each one. With our Klever CNC, I can go from running basic panel cuts that require no skills and easily switch to relief carvings for advanced, artisan style creations. In the three years we have been with Biesse, our machines have never been down for more than a couple hours, even though we have constantly been running our Jade edgebander.” said Bailes. He forsees Biesse technology continuning to be integrated throughout their shop as they consider purchasing another machine, and stated that technology will be the difference between staying in business and closing up shop – a decision Natural Expressions Furniture clearly won’t be making anytime soon as they continue to soar in the closets and custom furniture markets. For information on Natural Expressinons Furniture closets and custom furniture, contact Brandon Bailes at or visit their Facebook page.
“We stuck with Biesse because since the beginning, they have gone out of their way to stand behind their product and make sure it was the right one for us. I haven’t looked to any other machinery provider because of the constant support I’ve received from working with Biesse over the past three and a half years” said Bailes.
Brandon Bailes Owner
Natural Expressions Furniture: Photo 2
Natural Expressions Furniture: Photo 3
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