Biesse Fall Tech Tour 2019

Biesse Fall Tech Tour September 28 – October 5

Join Biesse product specialists as they guide you through Italy to experience some of the latest highly automated production facilities in the world for batch one processing!

Followed with a trip to Biesse’s Inside Event at our Pesaro Campus with over 54,000sqft of showroom where you can examine the latest trends in the woodworking industry. Over 40 machines will be powered up and ready for demonstration, including the Selco WN 6 with ROS, recent winner of the Visionary Award for Industry 4.0 Technology, plus 3 more ROS (Robotically Operated Systems) working with the Rover Pod and Rail CNC Machine, Rover Nesting Machine and EKO drilling machines!

The revolutionary and award-winning technology Biesse will demonstrate shows our desire to bring our customers the tools they need to truly enter digital manufacturing! At Biesse, we strongly believe in creating more efficient and smart factories and making those factories a better place to work.

Seating is limited so contact us to reserve your seat.

Deadline for fall registration is August 29, 2019

Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 1
Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 2
Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 3
Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 4
Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 5
Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 6
Biesse Fall Tech Tour: Photo 7
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