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Together for Marche Nord: Biesse supports "Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord" Hospital

Together for Marche Nord: Biesse supports  "Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord" Hospital

The company has joined the INSIEME PER MARCHE NORD initiative, set up to deal with the Coronavirus emergency.

"Together for Marche Nord" is an association established by local entrepreneurs and private citizens, in agreement with the "Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord" Hospital, with the aim of supporting the hospital and coping with the Coronavirus emergency. Thanks to this initiative, the first ventilators and the main necessary equipments to implement the intensive care unit of Marche Nord were purchased.

Biesse is proud to be able to contribute to this fundraising initiative with full confidence in the National Health Service and with the hope that the initiative will be a motivating for all those who wish to leave a contribution to face the emergency caused by the Coronavirus.

The promoters of this initiative, together with Biesse, are: Banca di Pesaro, Cmt Utensili, Diba, Gruppo Atena, Isopal Adriatica, Marinelli prefabricated, Marinelli Cucine Unipers, Nuova Faos, Papalini, Renco, Rivacold, Scavolini, Sider Rottami Adriatica, Tecnoplast, Websolute, Xanitalia.

For anyone wishing to contribute to the fundraising, the bank details on which to make the payment are available at the following link: .

This project is also part of a sustainability path undertaken by the Group, developed in full awareness of the ethical and social responsibility it has towards Stakeholders and the local area.

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