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Biesse America hires new East Coast Area Manager for Advanced Materials

My intent is to use my knowledge in materials and experiences, to explore new CNC possibilities on this adventure with our team and customers.
Kurt Hagemann Area Manager - East Coast

Once again Biesse America has succeeded in giving customers new avenues for reaching their goals by attracting experts in plastic and advanced materials. Kurt Hagemann recently joined the company as Advanced Materials and Plastics Area Manager for the East Coast. 

Hagemann earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Plastics Technology and began building experience in everything from plastic welding processes to injection molding equipment. He also spent 14 years working in contract manufacturing on the procurement side, outsourcing plastic and composite components to CNC suppliers, thermoforming, injection, extrusion, rotational, blow and reaction injection molding.

“Advanced Materials are the forerunner of the future in components manufacturing,” Hagemann said. “Whatever you can machine using a conventional material, such as wood, you can do in a synthetic, man-made material. As new materials continue to be developed, we have endless opportunities to rethink the ways things can be done. My intent is to use my knowledge in materials and experiences, to explore new CNC possibilities on this adventure with our team and customers.” 

To contact Kurt directly by email or phone:


Cell: (980) 395-2828

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