Hot Air Edgebanding

Biesse’s Hot Air Banding Technology - no joints, no glue line and NO BACTERIA!

Biesse’s Award Winning Technology

Biesse’s award winning hot air edgebanding technology allows companies of all sizes access to the green benefits of the top invisible glue line quality given by laser edges without the need of a complex and expensive laser system.

In today’s environment, reducing the spread of germs is also of paramount importance. In addition to an invisible glue line being coveted for its aesthetics and longer-lasting edges for products like high gloss, super matte finish and textured panels, the anti-bacterial benefits it offers make it the perfect solution for health-care, restaurants and similar public uses.
How it Works

Biesse’s hot air edge banding technology, named AirForce System, emits high temperature compressed air through a slot nozzle directly onto the reactive layer of commonly available banding with the required functional layer. This activates that layer and bonds the banding to the panel fibers. AirForce System’s technique allows changes based on banding colors without any setup. In addition, the AirForce System is environmentally friendly providing a “clean green” technology that eliminates glue and fumes.

• Zero Glue Line
• Anti-bacterial
• Perfect Color Match
• Heat and Humidity Resistant
• Clean Technology
• Excellent Finish Quality

Watch Hot Air Edge Banding (Biesse Airforce) in Action

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Sterling Architectural Millwork was sold on the hot air banding AFS-equipped machine’s ability to deliver zero glue line. This is a major consideration for the company’s many customers in the dental and medical sectors because of bacteria concerns.
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