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Technology as a helping hand.

The artisan company, driven by the force of Biesse machines, recently celebrated its first fifty years. Tenacity and determination were the keys to this authentic success.

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And while the manual touch is irreplaceable, the increasingly exciting contribution of technology is also crucial to guaranteeing the flexibility demanded by the market. That's where Biesse comes in as a technological partner for the company's inevitable growth. "We firmly believe that the greatest advantage offered by wood machining technology is the productivity in terms of work hours and workloads. Biesse technology has helped us reduce machining times considerably", Antonio explains. "Add to that the flexibility of the Rover series, which can handle everything from boring a single hole to creating complex shapes, and you get quality as well as quantity", he says.
The array of machines owned by Falegnameria Biffi includes a sizeable range of Biesse machines. The most recent purchase, in 2017, was a Brema Vektor 15, but to list them all we would have to go back to the first Rover 36 purchased in the '90s "which was the undisputed star of our transition from a traditional carpentry shop to what we are today", Antonio recalls. Others include the Selco WN200 and the Rover 342 and 321, extending to the modern Selco WNAR and EXCEL, the last of these was created as a "joint project" with Biesse: a machine truly tailor-made for the customer. "Their technicians have always helped us understand our needs, an enormous help as we moved from traditional machines to more innovative machines with greater performance".
These days Falegnameria Biffi can handle every machining operation in carpentry: cutting/sectioning, routing, boring and edgebanding. Furthermore, the company has a cutting-edge sanding and painting department and a large warehouse for storage and logistics: these solutions, Antonio explains, "have helped us guarantee a great degree of autonomy in production. We only rely on third parties for raw materials and very specific machining operations (powder coating of metal parts, pairing and gluing laminates and films on panels, etc.)". 
The technology adapts to a wide variety of needs, an advantage that Antonio Biffi is particularly proud of. "We are capable of machining wood and plastic materials on the same machine by simply changing the tools and adjusting the machining cycles". Flexibility, by definition.

Biesse has always helped us understand our needs, an enormous help as we moved from traditional machines to more innovative machines with greater performance.
Antonio Biffi Owner
Antonio Biffi
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