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Allen Organ

Craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to make the sweet music of success.

Allen Organ is the leader in the manufacturing of superior-quality digital organs and similar instruments. Quality, craftsmanship and cuttingedge technology.

Cliente: Allen Organ
CIUDAD: Macungie, Pennsylvania
País: Estados Unidos
Product: S2

Over 80,000 instruments installed in over 80 countries for Allen Organ, the largest organ manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Macungie, PA, in the USA, and founded by Jerome Markowitz in 1937, Allen Organ boasts 200 employees and manufacturing facilities with a surface of 225,000 m2.

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We have some very peculiar requirements as far as production and planning of creative solutions are concerned. Our customers demand both customised products and classic organs that are standard stock items. However, even standard organs are often modified to respond to specific needs”. Allen organs are built by combining veneered panels with solid wood. “Everybody works very closely with suppliers to guarantee the best quality solid woods and panels”, adds Hummel. The raw material is processed using high-tech machinery during the various production phases, to get to the end product. During the last step, the processed wood is sanded using a Biesse finishing centre. The touch-screen operated sanding centre has a combined roller/roller and sectioned pad unit for the sanding of veneered panels and solid wood.
Allen has a high degree of vertical integration, which requires the company to have the utmost quality control and the flexibility to make changes in relatively quick time scales, depending on customer needs.
Dan Hummel Manufacturing Director
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